Johnny Hunt

Johnny Hunt

In gardening since 2007

Welcome, my name is Johnny Hunt, and I am a practicing gardener. In other words, you can call me a Garden Enthusiast.

I am From the United States of America, a husband to a beautiful wife and a father to three adorable kids. I love gardening and my family knows that. When I am not at work, I focus mainly on improving my garden and for a hobby, I teach people how they can intricately train and maintain their gardens. I love helping my friends, family as well as readers when it comes to a delicate part of their homes which needs constant attention.


Initially, I had and accepted the idea of comparing products because I myself wanted the best product for myself. I needed the most convenient garden bridge which would fit my wide expanse of garden. This seemed like an easy task as I could walk into any garden store to buy just any product but I had to make my research online. Later on, I found out very useful information on my end and I also bought some products to test them out myself. Isn’t seeing believing? Due to the installations, testing, and observation I got, I posted my results on a forum that discusses gardening ideas amongst its members. Most people really liked it and some even derived their choice from that simple post so I kept doing it.

Why gardening?

I loved doing this so much that I had to change my career to suit what I love. As they said, ”do what you like and you would never work a day in your life”. So I started my own store, selling gardening tools and equipment which can improve the state of my customer’s garden. As a homeowner for years, I also knew what other homeowners whether new to the game or old as dirt needed.

Later I decided to expand my horizons. I knew I needed to, it felt like a calling and I was willing to answer. My family and friends suggested that I start a website of my own. Even the members of the forum stated that it was a brilliant idea and some encouraged me further. At this point on the website, I am only focusing on gardening tools and equipment on a prominent scale that matters to me and all the DIY gardeners and professionals. Just as I mentioned initially, I love helping friends, neighbors, and family and I would not hesitate to show them my experiences when it comes to dealing with most gardening tools. Most people can’t make up their mind when it comes to choosing the best product because of the unlimited choices with countless features. I really hope that as you study, research, and go through my work, you would finally have the urge and help to make your choice.

Yours Truly,
Johnny Hunt.

Kurt Young

Kurt Young

13 years of experience

Hi there! My name is Kurt Young, and I deal with power tools such as drills and drivers, impact wrenches, electric ratchets, and other cordless and corded hand tools.

I am an engineer by profession and I love what I do. I am from the United States of America and to be very honest, the home of amazing woodworking designs and tools. 13 years ago, I knew nothing about power tools but over the years, I got attached to some of these electric tools that I know them just like the back of my hands. Over this period of time, I focus mainly on improving my skill by turning it into my hobby and also helping family, friends, and DIY operators to handle any toolkit that comes their way. I love helping people, especially when it involves helping people learn about my favorite tool.


I first started comparing products, when I started handling cordless power tools because if you do know me well, I loved devices that give off maximum output and amazing features. One time I needed a cordless drill to complete a DIY project so I had to start comparing to get the best tool. As specialists, we all know that this may sound easy to pick out, but I wanted the best of the best at that time, so I had to check online for some help. In the end, I got the information I was looking for and I ended up buying the product I choose and also all other products that were close to that particular one in power, durability, and features. I had to see them and test them out myself and I knew it was going to be an interesting event.

After some moments with all the purchased tools, I got my desired result and from then on, I knew I wanted to do this for a really long time. I wanted to provide my readers with a lot of important info which would help them gain knowledge when it comes to selecting a variety of power tools to choose from. They should also know about heavy-duty tools.

Why power tools?

As an engineer, I have a passion and a craving for every hardware, power tool, and software tool that comes to mind. Most users who are looking for them for automotive or plumbing tasks or DIY or heavy-duty projects want a simple and easy use of these products. These types of tools are very costly, and I try my best to help people to choose the best one. Also, I always advise on their proper maintenance in the future.

I then started my blog, which at the moment, I do focus on different types of cordless and some corded power tools one can get their hands on. I sort through all the information about each tool and I select only the best brands and names. After checking these tools, then I compile the information for my readers so they can see what is essential for their various needs. When it comes to products like a cordless drill or driver, electric wrench, and others, a lot of users can’t make up their minds and it is really hard to because of the available features one can find in each. My blog posts and review articles are easy to understand and simple to pursue, making it easier for you to take your decision and future maintenance.

Best Regards,
Kurt Young.

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