7 Best Garden Hose Reel Carts – [Reviews & Guide 2023]

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Which Hose Reel Cart is Best for Your Garden?

Best Garden Hose Reel Cart - Reviews & Guide

A hose reel cart is an essential commodity for gardening, whether it’s for your home garden or on a commercial level. Hose reel carts ensure two things – the safety of your family and a clutter-free surrounding.

You may accidentally trip on a hosepipe left tangled on the ground. Plus, all the mud and moisture and exposure to sunlight decrease its durability. Coiling up the pipe on a reel cart perfectly keeping with your garden’s aesthetic will bring a lot more clarity.

There are various features you should consider before buying a garden hose cart. They can be made from different materials and have different coat finishes. Each product has its own hose capacity, connector, wheels, and tire type. So every cart may be perfect for only its own needs.

It’s essential to choose the right model with suitable features as per your needs. Trust me; you don’t want to waste your money on an unnecessary impulse purchase. Consider the total area and style of your garden before going to invest in a hose reel cart.

  1. Best for Commercial Gardening Needs: Liberty Garden Products 870-M1-2
  2. A Durable Choice: Eley Portable Garden Hose Reel Cart
  3. Ideal for Rough Terrain: Ironton Garden Hose Reel Cart
  4. Keeps Your Hose Neat and Ready to Use: Liberty Garden Products 880-2
  5. Features Never Leak Watering System: AMES Aluminum Hose Reel Cart
  6. Functional and Stylish: Liberty Garden Products 301
  7. Made for Garden, Lawn, and Patio: Suncast JSF175 Hosemobile

How Does the Durability of a Hose Reel Cart Depend On the Construction Material?

Best Garden Hose Reel Carts - Reviews & Guide

The durability of your cart depends on many factors such as material, maintenance, weather, and temperature. Stainless steel and aluminum are the strongest and the most long-lasting ones. These materials don’t rust and are not easily prone to corrosion. These carts are usually on the costlier edge and come in more attractive designs.

Plastics reel carts are, on the other hand, cheaper, lightweight, and more flexible. Their durability depends on the climate. Overexposure to sunlight will eventually fade the color and turn them brittle.

Contractors generally use rubber products for big projects. They are durable enough, and you can pass a hot water stream through the rubber reels.

If you need one for daily usage on a commercial scale or a decorative centerpiece for your garden, opt for a heavy-duty metal cart. A small plastic cart will be sufficient for a mini home garden, and if you plan to store it in the garage, it will serve for a reasonably long time.

What are the Benefits of a Portable Hose Reel Cart? What Should You Check on Before Buying One?

The sole reason to get a portable hose reel cart is more extensive area coverage. If you want to wrap up more than one property or a big old farm, wall-mounted models and hose cabinets are not the right pick for you. Because in these models, hoses will stretch up to a limited point.

With a portable hose reel cart, you will be able to reach all the distant corners and nooks in your garden. There are different models available on the market based on 2 or 4 wheels. Both are good enough for maneuverability.

You should check on the cart’s base length and go for a larger wheel diameter for more stability. Also, ensure the tires used on the wheels are flat-free. It’s better if the handle has a height control option and a non-slip foam cover for better grip.

What’s the Capacity of a Hose Reel Cart?

Hose capacity is the first thing you keep in mind before buying a reel cart. Average to small ones can sustain a minimum of 100 feet hose. In comparison, the industrial-grade carts can carry up to 300 feet. These brands usually advertise the highest limit, which is sometimes a bit exaggerated. It often happens that the cart will wobble a lot or the crank handle turns dysfunctional to hold the hose’s maximum length.

So, it’s suggested that you choose one size up rather than your requirement. Or maybe you can pick a model which includes a hose already.

First, measure your hose correctly from end to end. Make sure that your cart holds at least 50 feet extra than your hose length. It will also leave enough space for the hose when it contracts or expands in different temperatures.

What is a Leader Hose?

A leader hose connects the reel of the cart to the water spigot. It has a female and a male end for the spigot and the inlet of the reel. These ends have internal and external threads. The female is horizontal to the ground, while the male is vertical.

It’s very convenient when you place your cart away from the water source because you don’t have to use your garden hose length.

Every standard hose reel cart comes with a leader hose. The length of these pipes ranges between 3 – 10 feet.

Try to choose a model with metal couplings. Plastic couplings tend to leak and break easily. If you use your hose for drinking water, be sure that the leader and garden hose are safe for the purpose.

How Does a Hose Reel Cart Work?

Best Garden Hose Reel Carts - Reviews & Guide

Assembling and operating a hose reel cart is no rocket science. You have to follow the steps on the manual minutely.

  • Untangle any kink or bend on your hose and lay it on the ground straightened.
  • Assemble the parts and build the basic structure of the cart.
  • Place it by a nearby spigot.
  • Now tightly seal the female end of the leader hose to the reel.
  • Attach the other end of the hose to the water source.
  • Take the female end of your garden hose and thread it onto the coupling of the reel’s inner drum.
  • You may use tools like pliers to rotate it clockwise and tighten it to prevent leakage. But don’t put on too much force as these plastic couplings may break off easily.
  • Finally, spin the handle and wind the hose on the reel.

How to Take Care of the Rust Issue on a Cart?

Any steel cart tends to rust to some extent due to the climate factor. Also, it can get surface scratches during shipping or assembling. You need to thoroughly wash and clean the dirt and loose rust from the hose reel.

 After the end of every season, apply a coat of automotive touch-up body paint or a clear paint coating.  Spray paint is also effective in covering up the rust and scratches.

Try to park the cart on dry, solid ground, preferably under a shade.

Best for Commercial Gardening Needs
Liberty Garden Products 870-M1-2 Four Wheel Industrial Hose Cart review

1. Liberty Garden Products 870-M1-2 Four Wheel Industrial Hose Cart

  • Hose Capacity: 300-feet of 5/8-inch
  • Wheels and Tires Type: 4-wheeled, 10″ pneumatic tires
  • Frame Material: Steel
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My Experience

Are you simply done with the short-lasting fragile plastic hose carriers? If so, Liberty Garden has brought just the right product for you.

This four-wheeled hose cart is ideal to meet all your gardening and landscaping requirements, especially on a commercial or professional level. Homeowners can also give it a shot, as this beautiful beige cart will enhance the charm of your backyard garden.

 Other than the look, the product is exceptionally functional for easy storage of hose pipes. This cart can hold up to 300 feet long 5/8 inch hose. 


The cart has a stylish throw in its design. It features a non-slippery handle for better grip. The overall powder coat finish and galvanized fixtures protect the cart from weather obstacles. It uses robust pneumatic tires to increase maneuverability over any rugged surface. A 5-feet inlet hose is included with the cart.

Johnny Hunt

My Overall Impression

Overall, the unit is well built and value for money. It’s good enough to store bulky garden hose. The bearings let the hose wind and unwind effortlessly. The cart doesn’t tip carrying all the weight, and the four wheels add to its smooth portability. A little bit of rust is inevitable due to rain and sunlight exposure. It’s suggested to apply a coat of clear paint in and out, including the bolts and nuts. You will face no leakage or flat tire issues as such. So, yes, it’s recommended!

  • Quick and easy to assemble with a detailed owner’s manual.
  • It doesn’t tip because of the low center of gravity.
  • Lightweight construction.
  • Easily rolls around the garden with all the weight of heavy-duty hose and water.
  • Does not have a storage basket for the gardening tool.
  • Despite the powder coating, rust problems might occur.
  • Paint chips off over time if left outdoor.

A Durable Choice
Eley Portable Garden Hose Reel Cart review

2. Eley Portable Garden Hose Reel Cart

  • Hose Capacity: 150-feet of 5/8-inch
  • Wheels and Tires Type: 2-wheeled, flat free 10″ turf tread tires
  • Frame Material: Diecast Aluminum
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My Experience

This portable garden hose reel cart is the best you will find on the market for under $300.

It is a convenient choice if you need to juggle this thing between multiple yards or commercial properties. Homeowners who need a practical option for hose pipe organization and not just a decorative centerpiece for the garden should go for this.

 It is a solid deal with the industry-leading 10-year no-rust, no-leak, no-break factory guarantee by Eley corporation. 


It has a rugged aluminum construction with a heavier brass swivel. The rust-proof metals like aluminum and brass make it durable in the true sense. The cart stands on flat-free 10-inch turf tires and a 25-inch wide wheelbase. Outcome? High stability. It has a top-notch Spartan-bronze powder coat finish. This cart can hold up to 125 feet of 5/8 inch or 100 feet of 3/4 inch garden hose.

Eley has introduced groundbreaking design features such as a cam-lever brake, a hose strap, comfort-grip crank handles, and smooth-spin axle bushings. There is a unique configuration option for left-hand rewinding for the benefit of left-handed users.
Johnny Hunt

My Overall Impression

As you already realize, it’s hard to find a con of this product. The gooseneck fitting connects seamlessly with your garden hose and provides a 100% leak-free experience. Half the bolts and nuts come pre-assembled to make your job easier. If you opt for the Extra Capacity Kit, it will increase reel capacity to 200-feet of 5/8 inch and 170-feet of 3/4 inch. With a Quad Wheel Kit, you can turn it into a more sturdy 4-wheeled model.

  • Tip-resistant during hose winding/unwinding.
  • Very efficient customer service.
  • No-break commercial-duty build.
  • The rubber tires may smell bad initially.

Ideal for Rough Terrain
Ironton Garden Hose Reel Cart review

3. Ironton Garden Hose Reel Cart

  • Hose Capacity: 300-feet of 5/8-inch
  • Wheels and Tires Type: 4-wheeled, easy rolling 10″ pneumatic tires
  • Frame Material: Steel
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My Experience

If you are looking for a hose reel cart on wheels, think no more! This heavy-duty reel cart is perfect for carrying around a garden hose for watering flower beds, washing horses, automobiles, garden and lawn furniture, and so on. You can easily roll it indoors to protect it from harsh weather or theft.


It has a sturdy and durable construction, made of a tubular steel frame.  The cart is corrosion resistant due to the powder coat finish.  Its handle is wrapped in a soft foam cover. 10-inch pneumatic tires and solid steel axles are used to improve maneuverability in uneven rough terrains.

The integrated basket adds a nice touch to the whole design. Although it might be a little loose, the basket is great for storing garden supplies like sprinklers and nozzles. The product comes with an in-built 6 feet leader hose and steel fasteners with a zinc finish. It can hold up to 300 feet of 5/8 inch garden hose pipe.

Johnny Hunt

My Overall Impression

The product comes in perfect packaging with plastic wraps, and other safety takes. You can’t raise a question about its portability.

But the axles are fixed. So you may have to lift or tilt the handle a little to turn it around the corners. The instruction manual could seem haphazard on first look. But if you focus and follow the steps, assembling should not take much time.

The overall impression is a mixed bag with a bit of positive and negative. Ultimately, it’s a good-looking and functional product. So, why not?

  • Reel capacity is sufficient.
  • Cranking the reel to rewind the hose is pretty effortless.
  • No leakage issues.
  • The tires are not flat-free.
  • There is no brake system in the cart to stop it from rolling in a sloping region.
  • It has a pungent smell.

Keeps Your Hose Neat and Ready to Use
Liberty Garden Products 880-2 Two Wheel Hose Cart review

4. Liberty Garden Products 880-2 Two Wheel Hose Cart

  • Hose Capacity: 300-feet of 5/8-inch
  • Wheels and Tires Type: 2-wheeled, 15.5″ spoked pneumatic tires
  • Frame Material: Steel
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My Experience

Liberty Garden produces heavy-duty industrial-grade hose reel carts, and this product is no exception. It’s everything you need for the watering projects of garden and landscaping on a professional and commercial level. This cart is perfect for agricultural farms with large acreage as well as home purposes.


This two-wheeled cart has a robust structure built with 13-gauge steel. The final powder-coated finish makes sure it lasts in your garden for a long time, beating all the seasonal climate issues. All the fixtures in this cart are brass/galvanized.

Sturdy 16-inch knobby spoked tires protect the wheels. As a result, you can run the cart over any uneven or bumpy exterior terrain. Plus, the low center of gravity gives it a balance, so it doesn’t tip.

The product has a high capacity of sustaining up to 300-feet of 5/8 inch hose. It comes with a 5 feet long inlet hose and non-slip handle grip. You can organize all your frequently used garden tools in the storage basket attached to it.

Johnny Hunt

My Overall Impression

This versatile cart delivers a smooth reel function. You can unravel the hose to the same range you are working on and easily roll it back. The decent axle and the two large wheels in the rear of this cart help it stroll up on a steep slope. The hose and pipe fittings come wrapped in Teflon tape. Overall, a thumbs up!

  • The paint doesn’t fade even if kept outside.
  • Quick and easy assembly if you follow the instructions carefully.
  • Offers a limited warranty.
  • The quality of the crank handle is not satisfactory.
  • The nuts and bolts to fit in the parts are non-stainless. These may get rusty over time.
  • Flat tire cases also occur.
Features Never Leak Watering System
Aluminum Hose Reel Cart by AMES review

5. Aluminum Hose Reel Cart by AMES

  • Hose Capacity: 200-feet of 5/8-inch
  • Wheels and Tires Type: 2-wheeled
  • Frame Material: Anodized aluminum
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My Experience

This aluminum and poly hose cart by AMES is a deluxe product. It maintains a perfect balance between style and functionality. If it’s time to upgrade your old plastic garden hose cart to a leak-proof metal product, it’s a reliable choice.


The base structure of the cart is an elliptical-shaped frame made of aluminum. But it’s not an all-metal construction. The reel is made of high-grade plastic along with some other parts. So, you don’t have to worry about rust anymore. It rolls smoothly on a pair of 8-inch wheels.

The wheels are very flexible and turn around quickly. The handle is built sturdy.  The best part of this cart is Never Leak’s durable aluminum watering system.  It has a high holding capacity of up to 200 feet of 5/8 inch garden hose pipes. A 6 feet leader hose is included in the packaging to connect the reel to the water supply.

Johnny Hunt

My Overall Impression

Assembling this cart is a piece of cake, even for an older person. All you have to do is to attach the handle, the metal crank, and the water system inlet tube, and it’s ready to roll. Overall, the product is well built and very convenient to operate. Its mobility is flawless, and the hose wind and unwinds smoothly.

Although it’s a bit tipsy, you have to put some pressure to stabilize it. Compared to the features and quality, this cart is somewhat overpriced unless you grab it on sale.

  • Sturdy yet lightweight construction.
  • Rust-free and durable.
  • Doesn’t leak.
  • The product stumbles while rolling the hose in.
  • No step flange for support.
  • A bracket or handle is missing to place the nozzle end.

Functional and Stylish
Liberty Garden Products 301 Decorative Two Wheel Hose Cart review

6. Liberty Garden Products 301 Decorative Two Wheel Hose Cart

  • Hose Capacity: 200-feet of 5/8-inch
  • Wheels and Tires Type: 2-wheeled, 8.5″ never flat tires
  • Frame Material: Steel
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My Experience

Do you value the aesthetic beauty of a product as much as its functionality? Then this decorative two-wheel hose reel cart is made for you. Not only is it a practical choice for coiling up a bulky garden hose in an orderly fashion, but this fancy cart will look stunning in a lush home garden.


Like other Liberty Garden carts, this one, too, has a low center of gravity. It’s a stable piece. A powder-coated finish is applied to the 13-gauge steel construction to protect the cart from weather variables. All the hose connections are built with durable materials like brass to ensure years of utility.

This reel cart can sustain the weight of up to 200-feet of a 5/8 inch garden. Make no mistake; the hose is not included in the packaging. However, it comes with a 5 feet leader hose to connect the reel to the spigot. The cart is easily maneuverable as it rolls over two 8.5 inches durable, never-flat tires. It features a non-slip height-adjustable handle with a cushion cover and a 90-degree brass swivel connector. The decorative storage basket in the back is quite helpful.

Johnny Hunt

My Overall Impression

The cart may seem a bit pricey, but consider it a long-term investment. In this cart, you get both sturdy construction and an attractive design.

It’s easily moveable over gravel driveways, patio floor, or grass because of the large wheels. The front bar across the base is apt for putting extra pressure with your feet to keep the empty cart stable while rewinding the hose. Overall, it’s highly recommended!

  • Assembly is a breeze following the owner’s manual.
  • No leakage or lose-connection between connector and hose.
  • Handles heavy-duty hose effortlessly.
  • Rust issues may occur.
  • A wheel brake would have been nice.

Made for Garden, Lawn, and Patio
Suncast JSF175 Hosemobile Reel Cart review

7. Suncast JSF175 Hosemobile Reel Cart

  • Hose Capacity: 175-feet of 5/8-inch
  • Wheels and Tires Type: 2-wheeled with 6″ tires
  • Frame Material: Molded plastic
Check Price on Amazon

My Experience

Suncast works towards beautifying the indoor and outdoor spaces of their customers with modish and elegant accessories. This hose reel cart is an efficient yet eye-catching option to keep your garden neat and uncluttered. The product is perfect for use in a small-scale environment, such as home gardens, patio, lawns, and landscaping.


The product is thoughtfully built with molded plastic to prevent rust and corrosion for many years. It can carry 175 feet of 5/8 inch vinyl hose. The cart rolls on a pair of 6-inch wheels for smooth transportation around the lawn or garden. It has a very compact design to fit into any nook in your backyard.

The bronze and taupe color scheme are very much in harmony with the natural shades of a garden. The hooks on the handle are very useful to hold the end part of the hoses. Suncast provides an easy link feature to set up a leakage-proof connection between the hose reel and your garden hose.
Johnny Hunt

My Overall Impression

Unlike other popular hose reel carts, Suncast delivers the product fully assembled. You won’t require any tools to put it together manually. The handle cranks just fine to roll the hose in and out the reel seamlessly. Lightweight as it is, the cart might be a bit wobbly while unwinding the hose. But it won’t tip over. Takeaway? The product fairly does the job and is worth your money.

  • Compact and space-saving.
  • Durable resin construction.
  • Fully assembled.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty non-kink hoses.
  • The quality of the connection hose is not up to the mark.
  • The return or replacement process is not easygoing for a faulty piece.

Comparison Table

PRODUCTHose capacityWheels and tires typeFrame material
Liberty Garden Products 870-M1-2300-feet of 5/8-inch4-wheeled, 10" pneumatic tiresSteel
Eley Portable Garden Hose Reel Cart150-feet of 5/8-inch2-wheeled, flat free 10" turf tread tiresDiecast Aluminum
Ironton Garden Hose Reel Cart300-feet of 5/8-inch4-wheeled, easy rolling 10" pneumatic tiresSteel
Liberty Garden Products 880-2300-feet of 5/8-inch2-wheeled, 15.5" spoked pneumatic tiresSteel
AMES Aluminum Hose Reel Cart200-feet of 5/8-inch2-wheeledAnodized aluminum
Liberty Garden Products 301200-feet of 5/8-inch2-wheeled, 8.5" never flat tiresSteel
Suncast JSF175 Hosemobile175-feet of 5/8-inch2-wheeled with 6" tiresMolded plastic


So I hope you have enjoyed reading my reviews of the top 7 hose reel carts available on the market. I have especially curated this list to give my readers a general idea about the features and fundamental drawbacks you may expect from these carts.

But they are reliable and indispensable for an organized garden view. It will turn the watering process way faster and a bit delightful. Proper storage will increase the lifespan of your hose, saving it from sun damage. You can promptly spot and fix any crack or leak on the hose when it’s rolled up neatly.

Our buyer’s guide will help you handpick the accurate product according to your unique requirement. Once you get used to a hose reel cart’s advantages, it will be hard to go by without one in the future.