8 Best Worm Composters – [Reviews & Guide 2021]

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Our Choice
Worm Factory 360
This worm composter comes with a standard 4-Tray size, expandable up to 8 trays. It is designed to make the composting process easier. The machine has a thermosiphon airflow design to increase composting speed.
Our Top Picks
Urban Worm Bag Version 2 – “Turn your food waste into organic for your garden and plants with this composting bin. Its continuous flow design maintains the ideal condition for worm harvesting. You can assemble and start using this machine in just five minutes, and it is that simple.”
VermiHut Plus 5-Tray – “It is one of the best worm composting factories. The worm bin comes with a standard 5-Tray setup, expandable up to 8 trays. Its M-board is designed to increase airflow for better harvesting results.”

Best Worm Composters - Reviews & Guide

The process of recycling various types of organic wastes into fertilizers using worms is called worm composting. Worms eat food scraps, which is gradually turned into vermicompost as it passes through the worm's body. The compost is then collected to be used as soil manure. Raw fruits and vegetable wastes are ideal for worm composting.

Some worm composters are better than others. Why is it so? Though the worms are responsible for composting, your composter has an important role to play. A good composter can maintain the ideal conditions throughout the process. Whoever wants their composting to be efficient should definitely get the best Worm Composter Factory.

PRODUCTMaterialShapeItem Dimensions LxWxH (inches)Recycling Capability 
Worm Factory 360(Editor's Choice)Plastic
Round17.95 x 17.95 x 14.95Ideal for households of 1-4 peopleCheck Price
Urban Worm Bag Version 2IronSquare26.75 x 26.75 x 31.75Supports over 120 lbs of worm compostCheck Price
VermiHut Plus 5-TrayPlasticSquare17 x 17 x 33Up to 5 lbs or 2.5 kgs food scraps per day Check Price
HUNGRY BIN Worm Farm Compost BinPlasticSquare24 x 26 x 37Up to 4.4 lbs (2 kgs) of waste per day Check Price
Tumbleweed Can O WormsPlasticRound20 x 20 x 25.6Recycles 3-4 kg of organic waste every weekCheck Price
Generic Basic Worm Composting FarmPlasticSquare18.5 x 18.2 x 15.8-Check Price
Quest 4-Tray Worm Compost KitPlasticSquare9 x 12 x 8.5-Check Price
Tumbleweed Worm Cafe100% Recycled PlasticRectangular15.35 x 22.64 x 18.19Up to 12 lbs of organic waste every weekCheck Price

1. Worm Factory 360 Black – Best All-round Composter with Monster Capacity

Worm Factory 360 Black review

This standard four tray variant is expandable up to eight trays, giving it the highest capacity among any home composter.  The product includes a User-guide DVD and an accessory kit that makes handling the machine much easier.  Besides, the product will be covered under warranty when you buy it. Its newly-designed lid can be used as a stand to rest the trays to speed up the composting. The kit also includes a collection tray for moisture and a spigot to drain it.

Manufactured by Nature's Footprint, INC, the Worm Factory 360 is easy to set up and handle. It allows year-round composting and does not leave any bad odor so that you can keep it inside your home.

  • Trays can separate compost through a grid bottom.
  • It takes only 15 minutes a week to manage.
  • The lid can be used as a stand.
  • It can be extended to hold up to eight trays.
  • Ideal for households.
  • It takes up to five months for the composting to complete.
  • Not suitable for outdoor in all climates.

Author's Opinion

The Worm Factory 360 is perfect for households because it is not restricted to seasonal composting. Worms are living creatures and cannot survive in extreme conditions. This machine provides them with the ideal conditions so that they not only survive but reproduce. Do not place this composter outside. Unstable temperature and moisture will harm the composting. Overall, this machine is one of the best of its kind if you know how to use it.

2. Urban Worm Bag Worm Composting Bin Version 2 – The Best Ventilator Around

Urban Worm Bag Worm Composting Bin Version 2 review

The new gold standard will easily turn your daily food scraps into nutrient-rich worm castings for your garden.  The machine has a breathable 900D oxford fabric construction and allows moisture control by keeping the bottom zipper opened or closed.  The airflow design of the composter helps the worms to grow and reproduce.

The second version of Urban Worm Bag comes with a DIY frame connected to the bag via fabric tunnels, which helps distribute the weight evenly on the frame. The composter top is also made of fabric that helps to control moisture. The composter bag is built with a continuous airflow design. You put the scarps from the top and collect filtered worm castings from the bottom. The product comes in a clean package, and the assembling is quite a simple process.

  • It has a large capacity.
  • Breathable fabrics to increase airflow.
  • Marine-grade zipper bottom.
  • Does not let pass the warms into a casting tray.
  • Robust frame.
  • It has a complex operating system.
  • Odd appearance.

Author's Opinion

It is hard to find another worm composter with similar air ventilation. The Urban Worm Bag has a larger surface area than regular composting bins. The fabric materials let the moisture evaporate quickly from the composter. This is a handy composter bag that you can get for your home. Given its size and aerobic benefits, this worm bag offers you good value for money.

3. VermiHut Plus 5-Tray Worm Compost Bin – An Advanced Solution to Your Daily Food Scraps

VermiHut Plus 5-Tray Worm Compost Bin review

This standard 5-Tray worm compost bin includes five stackable trays designed to automatically separate the worms from their castings. The composter is expandable up to eight trays. Besides, it offers excellent air circulation and is highly efficient.

It has a pair of new components named M-board that increase airflow and a V-board built to control odor, moisture, and insects.  The bin also has an ant-trap to prevent the worm bin from ants.  A liquid tray is used as the base of the composter so that it does not require assembling.

  • Domed lid design with coconut husk matting makes it perfect for indoor usage as it removes the bad odor.
  • The lid offers effective moisture control that helps to keep the bedding just moist enough for the worms.
  • It eliminates fruit flies or other insects and minimizes their growth.
  • Has an ant-trapper to prevent ants invasion.
  • Poor air ventilation between trays.
  • Not suitable for warm climates.

Author's Opinion

Its compact size makes it ideal for small backyards or even room corners. It has an odor control system that makes it suitable for indoors as well. The domed lid design is meant for plenty of air circulation.

4. HUNGRY BIN Worm Farm Compost Bin – The Best Outdoor Player

HUNGRY BIN Worm Farm Compost Bin review

Perhaps this compost bin is one of the most premium compost bins. The Worm Farm Compost Bin is easy to use and includes all the features you might want in a composter.

 This is the best option for anybody who needs to compost large amounts of food scraps.  The one-piece design of the compost bin makes it durable and likely to last for many years. It is quite similar to a traditional compost bin but introducing red wigglers to this composter has eliminated any effort of mixing and stirring.

  • It has wheels so that you can move it easily from place to place.
  • Multi-purpose use for generating quality worm castings and worm tea simultaneously.
  • The lid is designed for easy input of scraps and also prevents rodents.
  • Cleaning this compost bin is as easy as it can be.
  • The bin is covered under a lifetime warranty by the manufacturers.
  • Comes at a high-price. Lots of people cannot afford it.
  • Not suitable for indoor usage.

Author's Opinion

This compost bin can be the solution for anyone who wants their composters to be like trash bins, where you can just put the scraps and forget about them. It is one of the most durable composters you can get. Though it has several additional features like multi-use, fast and easy to clean, and eco-friendly, we are unsure if the compost bin really justifies its price.

The Worm Farm Compost Bin is the best option for anybody who has the budget and wants a long-lasting composter factory.

5. Tumbleweed Can O Worms Vermicomposter – Adaptable Worm Compost Bin

Tumbleweed Can O Worms Vermicomposter review

The standard 2-tray compost bin is designed for easy maintenance. Its cylindrical shape is suitable for any place. This compost bin only consists of two trays, one for feeding the worms and another to collect worm castings at the bottom. There is a spigot attached to the liquid collection tray that helps collect excess worm tea.

The Can O Worms composter has a simple set up process that takes just two minutes. This compost bin is made of recycled plastic that does not allow air ventilation.  The large sizes of the trays create lots of air space in the feeder tray .

  • Pest proof lid.
  • Large collection tray.
  • It has a simple set up process.
  • User-friendly.
  • Its compact shape makes it suitable for any place.
  • It offers a large surface area for feeding.
  • Lesser number of trays.
  • It can be difficult to harvest worm castings as the trays can become heavy.
  • Not durable.
  • Poor ventilation.
  • Small holes on the lid will allow rainwater into the composter.

Author's Opinion

The Can O Worms Compost bin is ideal for beginners. Anybody who does not know much about worm composting should get this product. It comes in an affordable range and will help you to get familiar with worm composters. The compost bin comes with an inbuilt mound that attracts a worm to the working tray. Overall, this is a basic compost bin that is perfect for kids and beginners. At this price, you cannot really expect more.

6. Generic Basic Worm Composting Farm – A simple Tool for Regular Composting

Generic Basic Worm Composting Farm review

The standard four-ray compost bin is manufactured. Basic Worm Farm has a capacity of four trays only. It can effectively turn your daily food wastes into fertilizers enriched with nutrients. This machine comes in a fundamental design and thus requires some extra time and effort to set up. You have to set up each component of the composter separately. However, most of the worm farmers love to do these tasks by themselves.

If you are new to worm composting, getting a fancy worm composter for a higher price may not be a good idea.  We recommend you to buy this Worm Composting fun for the initial stage.  Its basic features will help you to learn more about the process in-depth. But this compost factory is not suitable for people who want their composter to perform everything independently.

  • Large surface area.
  • Four stackable trays.
  • Simple features.
  • Easy to use.
  • Fundamental design.
  • Setting it up is a time-consuming process.
  • You will need to prepare the bedding separately.
  • Also, you will need to separate worms from their castings.
  • It does not allow moisture control.
  • Not suitable for all climates.

Author's Opinion

The Basic Worm Composting Farm is a good choice for new learners. The machine's basic design offers minimum features, so you have to put some extra effort into handling it. This compost farm will help you get familiar with the worms and composting process. You are recommended to get this product if you love to engage yourself in the method.

7. Quest 4-Tray Worm Compost Kit – Great Value for Money

Quest 4-Tray Worm Compost Kit review

The standard four-tray Worm Compost Kit is another affordable option that is perfect for any area which requires a small footprint. The compact size of this bin makes it suitable for the smallest places in your home. The bin's air ventilator minimizes the odor, making it an ideal worm composter for apartments, garages, kitchens, and porches.  We would recommend this four-tray kit only for indoor use. 

The Worm compost kit features a unique sleek design that adds value to its appearance and makes the installation easy.

  • Its durable material makes the bin great for year-round usage and long-lasting.
  • The worms migrate from bottom to top tray, leaving behind their castings. This saves you some effort to separate them.
  • The bin also features a reservoir for collecting the excess liquid that makes it suitable for gardens.
  • It includes four pieces of working tray, thus allowing you to compost more scraps at one time.
  • Bad appearance.
  • Difficult to assemble and set up.
  • It does not allow moisture control.
  • Not suitable for outdoor usage.

Author's Opinion

Considering all the features, this standard four-tray makes a great worm composter for its price. Best suitable for apartments and indoor use. It has efficient air ventilation that eliminates any bad smell. People who want a worm composter that will fit in a small place are recommended to buy this product. Overall, it provides a healthy environment for the worms to sustain and reproduce. Its basic design makes it usable for beginners and kids.

8. Tumbleweed Worm Cafe – The Perfect Place for Your Worms to Hang Around

Tumbleweed Worm Cafe review

The Worm Cafe, manufactured by Tumbleweed, is another worm compost factory with a stackable tray system. Also, it features a hinged lid to open and fill the bin easily.

The compost farm features a drip-free spigot that allows easy drainage of excess fluid and prevents it from spilling out.  We would recommend placing this composter outside.  It is not so appealing visually.

  • Three rectangular working trays with a large capacity.
  • Each tray has effective ventilators that allow uniform airflow throughout the composter.
  • The Worm Cafe features a ventilated collection tray, a tap, and a sump.
  • Worm mound helps to separate worms from their castings without any effort.
  • Instructions are engraved on the inner side of the lid. So, you do not have to worry if you misplace the manual.
  • The kit is built with thin plastic that can be molded easily.
  • The legs of the kit are not built to absorb heavyweights.

Author's Opinion

The Worm Cafe looks like a good option for small gardens. Anybody who wants a compact compost bin for disposing of food scraps daily can get this kit. However, the price seems too high for the features it includes. If you have the budget, you can get some premium products with extra features.

As a result, this composter factory does not seem to be the best choice. If you do not have enough space, you can get this product, and it will do the job.

Buyer’s Guide

Best Worm Composters - Reviews & Guide

Making a worm composter is not an impractical task. You can prepare with just any box if you know the mechanism. But some exclusive features are available on the commercial composter factories.

You should know exactly what you are looking for before buying any vermicomposter. Things you must check before purchasing any vermicomposter are:


If you put excess fruits and vegetables, especially those with more water content, like watermelon or rind, your composter will release a liquid called ‘worm tea'.

Worms will not survive if there is excess moisture, so a vermicomposter must have a good drainage system.

The worm tea itself is enriched with nutrients and can be used as fertilizers. But as it does not pass through the digestive systems of the worms, it may contain pathogens. So, it is not safe to use it on edible plants.


The most difficult part of worm composting is harvesting their castings, so the compost machine that can harvest worm castings automatically shall be considered as the best option.

Most commercial vermicomposters come with some technology to automatically separate worm castings so that you do not need to disturb the worm colony.

The less you interfere with the composter, the quicker the worms will reproduce and make fertile castings.

Best Worm Composters - Reviews & Guide

Composting Space:

While buying a vermicomposter, you should consider the amount of waste you want to compost. If you want a compost machine with high capacity, the size will be large, and so will be the space occupied by it. Surface space is vital for effective worm composting, as the worms will grow and reproduce. Therefore, make sure you give the worms enough space. Otherwise, they will not reproduce and gradually become extinct.


Worms do not like sunlight, and it is better to keep them away from it. You must select a composter that can simulate the natural weather as much as possible. Some vermicomposters come with an opaque finish that prevents sun rays from entering and keep the worms happy. The happier the worms are, the more they will eat.


Composting worms need oxygen to survive, just like any other living creature. Make sure your composter is well-ventilated before you buy it. Besides, lack of proper ventilation can lead to excess moisture in the bin, which is the last thing you may want.


If you are planning to place your composter outdoors, first of all, it will need a lid to stop the rain. The composter must have a thermal layer to prevent it from overheating. Even if you want to place the composter inside a room, you will still need some controllers to regulate temperature and moisture. In winter, rooms can become too cold, making the worms sluggish.

Several commercial vermicomposters have unique features to protect the bin from rodents, ants, and flies, adding extra value to the product.


My worm composter bin generates a bad odor. How can I fix it?
Ideally, your composter should not stink. It may smell like food wastes for sometime after you put some scraps in it. If your composter generates a bad smell, it may be because you have put excess waste in the bin, and it is decomposing in the working tray. If that is the case, do not add more waste until your worms have finished what is already in there.

Another reason for the worms not eating your food waste is that the particles are too big for them. Try chopping the food scraps into fine particles so that the worms can consume them easily.

How to keep away fruit flies from a compost bin?
Many insects, including fruit flies, can appear in food that is too close to the surface, which is very irritating for the worms and anybody around the compost bin. You can easily prevent fruit flies or any other insects by burying some food scraps in the bedding, a couple of inches under the surface.

You may also use a piece of moist cardboard or dampened paper sheets on top of the compost bin that will block any flies from invading.

Why are my worms trying to escape from the compost bin?
There can be various reasons for your worms trying to escape. The first and most common possibility is that their bedding has become too acidic. Try to reduce the citrus fruit wastes like pineapple peels, citrus scraps, etc., that you are putting in the compost bin. You may add some dried-up eggshells to bring down the pH level of your worm bedding.

Another reason may be that the temperature of the bin is either too hot or too cold. Maintaining perfect temperature and moisture is vital for the survival of your warms. Worms are most happy at 60 to 80 degrees, so try to maintain this range.

Lastly, check if the bedding has just enough moisture. It should not be too wet or too dry. If the bedding feels too wet, drain any excess liquid. Or try to add some moist food wastes such as watermelons if the bedding does not have any moisture.

Is mold or sprouted seeds bad for my compost bins?
Sprouted seeds are not a matter of concern at all. In fact, you may turn them under the bedding so that the worms can feast on them. But, mold in your bin is another sign that you have put too many food scraps, and it is rotting because the worms cannot eat all of them. If you see whitish molds, you can bury them one or two inches under the bedding so that the worms can eat them.

But if you spot any black or green molds, remove them immediately and eradicate them so that they do not spread.