10 Best Garden Arbors – [Reviews & Guide 2023]

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Best Garden Arbor - Reviews & Guide

Garden Arbors can be a great improvement to your backyard outdoor space. They have numerous uses and benefits which I would look into later but overall, it focuses more on adding to the beauty and environment of the garden. These unique products are designed to add a lot to your garden and even give you and your family/friends a place to kick back and relax.

Whether you are ready to add an arbor to your backyard or you are just checking for the best options, there is no limit to the options for adding a beautiful arch to your home. My task is to help you make a decision when buying the best garden arbor.

Getting a unique product is very hard. Inferior arbors may break easily, bend, crack, or lose form within a short time. To make the right choice, you have to look into the different types of products and their specification. I recommend doing your own research to be sure that the arch selected really meets your needs.

The goal of this guide is to help you to find products that would fit their specifications. Below are 10 of the top products I consider as the best when it comes to Garden arbors. I hope my reviews will help you make your buying decision.

  1. Best with Finials: Dura-Trel 11178 Providence Arbor
  2. Best Vinyl Arbors: New England Arbors Florence Vinyl Arbor
  3. Best with Bench Plans: New England Arbors Athens Vinyl Arbor
  4. Best with Gate: Plow & Hearth Montebello Garden Arbor with Gate
  5. Best with Planters: Gardman R361 Kensington Arch
  6. Best with Building Plans: Greenstone Fairchild Arbor
  7. Best Wood Arbors: Yaheetech 85in Wood Arbor Arch Wedding Arches
  8. Best with Swing: Panacea Products 89088 Steel Flat Top Arbor with Finials
  9. Best with Solar Light: Belham Living Outdoor Garden Arch with Solar Lights
  10. Best with Wings: Giantex 7FT Garden Arbor

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Garden Arbor

Best Garden Arbor - Reviews & Guide

There are certain features and factors you gave to look into when purchasing a garden arbor. These factors are very crucial and important so that users do not make mistakes and they can end up actually buying what they wanted. Some of these factors include:


For every product found in the market, there is a material type that matches it. Most of these materials are used to improve structural integrity, visual appeal as well as the ability to withstand the toughest of times. In this part, we look at the common materials which are used to make Garden Arbors.

Vinyl Arbors – Arbors made up of vinyl are perfect for places that are frequently under the influence of extreme weather conditions. It can if not totally withstand the possible highest of atmosphere heat and the lowest of freezing temperatures. This statement means that garden arbors made up with this material will not easily splinter just like wood or will it damage and dent like metal arbors. This type of quality makes this material very much accepted anywhere in the world. Cleaning this material is also very easy. All you need is a hose and you are good to go, just like vinyl slide found in every home all around the world.

Wood ArborsThese types of Arbors can survive through time, as far as it is carefully being taken care of. The natural design and structure add nature allure and wooden compliments to your backyard space so easily. This rustic charisma grows with weather-related wear, accenting your yard with tenderness and an enchanting time-tested sense. Cedarwood and teak are the best options any user can get if they stay in environments where the weather condition is very unpredictable.  These types of wood are dense therefore they can withstand or go through environmental drama much better than most, and in terms of appearance, they look much attractive.  Be sure to research more about the type of wood you are choosing unless you might be required to carry out more maintenance than expected to keep your product much longer.

Metal Arbors – Arbors made of metals are much easier to maintain and they don’t surrender to any arranging elements. Manufacturers always design these types of arbors with one goal in mind, to be sleek and simple. This also allows users to display their beautiful flowers rather than the product itself. This makes it perfect for mostly green plants. Metal arbors with time slowly develop a softened green patina which other materials cannot achieve. This tends to add more natural beauty and allure to your backyard or outdoor spaces.


There are a few styles of garden arbor you need to consider before you make the decision of getting a new product. The style which you want should totally depend on the style of the design your garden takes.  Two of the most popular styles are pergola arbors and arched arbors. Pergola arbors are a Greek-inspired form of design that has more shapes and sharp corners.  This style is more convenient for a shaded seating area that needs additional beauty. The arched on the other hand has a traditional form that normally has a curved roof. This is more convenient for accent points or entrance ways in an outdoor space.


When choosing a garden arbor, size plays a key role in the factors which can affect your buying decision. There’s a limit to the amount of character this product adds to your backyard space. Whatever your plan is for your garden, results are best achieved when users choose a product that perfectly fits their space. Just remember one thing, ”shop to scale”. Bigger areas need bigger arbors and compact places need smaller arbor products. If users follow this little rule, it can help them choose a product that can easily fit into their outdoor spaces.

Garden Arbors range from about 42 to 122 inches in width and also between 7 and 8 feet in height which makes them stand bold. If you are creating a path with a garden arbor, be sure to allow a little space on each side in case you need to install hardware. Be mindful of the overhead clearance and cut any tree branches which may act as an obstruction to your new product. If you also want to take it to the next level, consider getting two arbors instead of one so you can.

Best with Finials
Dura-Trel 11178 Providence Arbor review

1. Dura-Trel 11178 Providence Arbor

  • Frame Material Type: Resin
  • Dimensions, Inches: 85 x 28 x 64
  • Weight, lb: 30
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Key Features and My Experience

This garden arbor is produced and sold in the United States of America.  It is a pergola type of arbor which is very easy to set up, it includes 4 sixteen-inch steel ground anchors which makes it possible for users to undergo a long-lasting installation.  There are pre-drilled and pre-cut holes with all the hardware included. This product measures about 85 inches high, 64 inches wide, and 28 inches with a walkthrough which has a width of 42-inches. The 11178 model is manufactured to be sturdy and strong due to its 2-inch square post which is strong enough for all the plants or vines durable enough to survive the harsh weather.

For more durability, this product is made with the highest quality of PVC which is completely maintenance-free. This PVC material has the highest concentration of titanium dioxide for the strongest ultraviolet light protection.  This product allows its users to buy with confidence by backing each product up with a 20 years warranty assuring its users that their trellis would not break, crack, discolor or fade in any way.  Once this arbor is set up and installed in your garden, maintenance is not really needed but a simple water hose spray would wipe your product sparkling clean.

Johnny Hunt

My Overall Impression

When we talk about this product, we talk about beauty, durability, and easy maintenance. This structure is sturdy in nature and it is made up of good quality material which is very affordable. I love the fact that this product is very easy to assemble and the package it comes with looks neatly done. I really love this product and I believe you would love it too.

  • It comes with a 20-year warranty.
  • It is very easy to assemble.
  • It is large enough for a big garden.
  • It is made up of UV-resistant PVC.
  • The screws are visible.
Best Vinyl Arbors
New England Arbors Florence 49 W x 94 H Vinyl Arbor review

2. New England Arbors Florence 49″W x 94″H Vinyl Arbor

  • Frame Material Type: Resin
  • Dimensions, Inches: 94 x 24 x 49
  • Weight, lb: 47
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Key Features and My Experience

This Florence arbor gives users beautiful swoop arch construction which adds a graceful touch to your garden, backyard, or pool way. It is equipped with the most authentic structural detail which combines a modern flat top with the classic arch look. This company creates a charming entrance to your garden or your yard helping interpret the concept of the outdoor space.  It is made out of premium vinyl which is known to be weather resistant and virtually free. With this material, users don’t need to apply any paint stain or finish neither would they have to maintain their product again. 

The company claims to manufacture all its products which creates a visual representation of wood without normal maintenance. This means that you get all the classy looks of wood without the headaches one has to go through to keep it to standard. To clean this product, all you need is normal water and hose year after year. One thing I love about this product is that it came with a 20-year warranty that covers every aspect such as yellowing, cracking, rotting, and warping. It also comes with detailed instructions for easy setup and if one needs to speak to a representative, you can do that easily.

Johnny Hunt

My Overall Impression

This garden arbor gives users a touchy feeling which can linger down their spine. This product makes your garden more beautiful and your occasion would love much lovelier. Although the structure is a bit flimsy it can be a great choice for small-scale gardens.

  • It comes with instructions for easy setup.
  • It comes with a 20-year warranty.
  • It is made out of vinyl.
  • It is resistant and durable even in harsh conditions.
  • It is a bit flimsy.
Best with Bench Plans
New England Arbors Athens 39 W x 81 H Vinyl Arbor review

3. New England Arbors Athens 39″W x 81″H Vinyl Arbor

  • Frame Material Type: Resin
  • Dimensions, Inches: 81 x 23 x 39
  • Weight, lb: 18
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Key Features and My Experience

This garden arbor that was manufactured by the New England Arbors is a gentle accent for your garden or backyard. It is designed with one of the most authentic architectural detail when it comes to all the products on this list and it is quite charming and quaint. This product will bring out the beauty in your garden and that’s no surprise that many users use it for their marriage alter.  It is made up of a vinyl material that is resistant to the harshest weather you can find and it doesn’t cost a lot for maintenance.  When users buy this product, they don’t even need to paint or stain their products talkless of trying as much as possible to maintain it.

The company created this type of product to look more like wood and have all the beauty that comes with it but without traditional maintenance. To put it in other words, users do get the classic wood look but without the headaches.  To clean this garden arbor, users just need a hose and clean water which would keep your product shining and sparkling for many years.  This vinyl garden arbor comes with 20 years warranty that guarantees its users from warping, yellowing, cracking, etc. There is also an instruction manual that comes with this product. It contains all the info you need to install and mount your product and their customer care/technical assistance is just one phone call away.

Johnny Hunt

My Overall Impression

This lovely vinyl arbor will make your garden entrance look very amazing and lovely. It is made up of vinyl material which is good for training plants during growth because of the trellis-like design. This design is very like the ones you would find only in New England which can be a great addition to your outdoor space.

  • They have active customer care/technical assistance.
  • It comes with a 20-year warranty.
  • It is made up of vinyl.
  • You don’t need any stain or coating.
  • Some parts are missing.
Best with Gate
Plow & Hearth Montebello Decorative Garden Arbor Trellis review

4. Plow & Hearth Montebello Decorative Garden Arbor Trellis

  • Frame Material Type: Iron
  • Dimensions, Inches: 84 x 23 x 53
  • Weight, lb: 67
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Key Features and My Experience

This product from Plow & Hearth is equipped with a gate and it is beautifully crafted with detailed designs and structures which would bring out the beauty of your garden or environment even without a flowering display. This garden arbor with an ornate wrought-iron design replicates the Turkish window and door type. The curlicues and the scrolls twist along the frame to give its users amazing support for clematis, roses, and any other creeping plants. It also comes with 7″ ground stakes to make sure that it is stable during use.

The arbor is elegantly arched with a latched two-door gate which features an intricate choice for style and interest. With this arbor, users can create a focal point or an entrance for their backyard or garden by adding drama and height. This product is also very gorgeous in any season and it is beautiful all year round.  It also has a durable construction that is strong and firm but lightweight and easy to move from one place to the other.  The garden arbor is also coated with a durable long-lasting burnished gunmetal powder-coat finish which is also rustproof.

Johnny Hunt

My Overall Impression

If you want a garden arbor with a classic design that adds a little bit of space, you should consider going for this product. It is an arched product that also comes with a gate at the lower part of the structure which would act as a very excellent choice for an entryway. The detailed design is really amazing and users would love to grow creeping plants with this product. I recommend.

  • It has a classic design.
  • It is coated with a gunmetal powder coat for a durable finish.
  • It comes with a gate.
  • It can survive in any condition.
  • The gate only swings inwards.
  • It is a bit expensive.
Best with Planters
Gardman R361 Kensington Arch, 45 Wide x 82 High review

5. Gardman R361 Kensington Arch, 45″ Wide x 82″ High

  • Frame Material Type: Steel
  • Dimensions, Inches: 82 x 20.5 x 45
  • Weight, lb: 25.1
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Key Features and My Experience

The Gardman R361 helps users create a beautiful and inviting entry into their gardens or backyard with an elegantly designed and classy arch. This product gives an attractive archway for climbing plants and it also adds a stunning look to any environment. The two side panels give the users straight vertical bars with a sunny feature; one elegantly designed heart rests on the other inverted heart. The gently concave top copies the horizontal bar detail of the side section of the garden arbor.  The horizontal bars help this product by providing structural support which provides customers a platform in which they can hang anything lightweight and also keep light potted plants. 

The arch of this garden arbor is unique for holding climbing vines and creeping plants for showing small hanging ornaments. I have reported using this garden arbor to train their plants through the product by swirling them in and out of the layout as they grow.  The structure is made out of a strong square-section metal that is coated in a verdigris finish that is durable enough to withstand harsh conditions.  This coating also blends with any type of surrounding which makes it an excellent choice for most users. When users order this product, there are ground stakes included in the package for safety. It is also easy to put up and assemble. It also comes with a complete set of instructions for easy guidance.

Johnny Hunt

My Overall Impression

This steel product is designed with an amazing verdigris finish that would look good in any environment. It has an arched arbor which is included in intricate scrollwork that can be found on both sides. This product is weather-resistant so users don’t have to worry about the weather or rain. This product also comes with ground stakes so that it can be firmly placed on the ground. I recommend.

  • It provides an attractive archway for climbing plants.
  • It is coated in a verdigris finish.
  • It is easy to put up.
  • It is very durable.
  • Their customer care is difficult to get to.
  • The product becomes as ugly as it rusts.
Best with Building Plans
Greenstone Fairchild Arbor review

6. Gardman R361 Kensington Arch, 45″ Wide x 82″ High

  • Frame Material Type: Wood
  • Dimensions, Inches: 84 x 26 x 61
  • Weight, lb: 48
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Key Features and My Experience

 This garden arbor for the garden, backyard, and pool entrance is subtly designed to be classically made by the best selling Fairchild garden arbor which fits perfectly whether in classic landscape themes or modern landscape themes.  This product adds beauty, prominence, and grace to any outdoor use. This arbor features squared lattice side panels which are framed with a sturdy two by two material for durability, stability, and elegance.

Unlike most garden harbors on my list, this product has a straight horizontal top which is assisted by rafters joint with bends that gives it a smooth and soft feel. Pre-stained components and a stable construction make sure that the product is resistant to any form of weather and stability.  When users purchase this device, it comes with an easy to follow instructions and pre-assembled side panels which makes installation very easy as possible.  The product us with a planter guard stain for protection from optimal weather conditions. You don’t need to worry about deforestation because the wood used in the production of this garden arbor is gotten from a sustainably managed forest.

Johnny Hunt

My Overall Impression

This garden arbor is good for your garden because of its wooden brown blend that goes with trees. It is made from wood which means you may need to apply preservatives to extend its life. It may end up rotting as it ages, but the older it gets the more vintage your arbor looks. It is ideal for wood lovers.

  • The wood is protected by a planter guard stain which improves beauty and weather ability.
  • It comes with already pre-assembled side panels.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • You need to reseal the wood to make it last longer.
  • It is exposed more to rot.
Best Wood Arbors
Yaheetech 85in Wood Arbor Arch Wedding Arches for Ceremony review

7. Yaheetech 85in Wood Arbor Arch Wedding Arches for Ceremony

  • Frame Material Type: Fir Wood & Iron
  • Dimensions, Inches: 84.6 x 23.7 x 63
  • Weight, lb: 36.7
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Key Features and My Experience

This garden arbor is a nice-looking product, designed specifically as a wedding arch that can be used in your backyard, patio, or garden. It is a wood arbor alright and this particular one is made out of natural wood.  This material is environmentally safe and it offers both the user and the plants a safe environment due to the sanded panels and posts that cause wood splinters.  This product helps users save money just as it is worth the money you would spend to get it. It can be used as a wedding arch and later be put up in your garden or backyard for versatile use. It also has a solid and strong structure. The solid wood legs are joined and fixed by screws while also coated with powder to prevent degradation.

This product can be decorated with climbing plants and creeping vines. Other forms of decoration may include balloons and LED strip lights for birthdays, weddings, garden parties, and patio way to the pool. When it comes to using garden arbors outside, iron products tend to rust easily if proper care is not taken.  With this wooden arch, it is processed with high temp carbonization and varnish surface treatment which is resistant to water, rot, mold, and corrosion.  This ensures the product has a long life even when it is used outdoors.

Johnny Hunt

My Overall Impression

This arched garden arbor is made out of strong fir wood which is supported by metal plates and screws. The legs of this product can be buried into the ground to keep the wood arbor more stable even when users install it outside. It is a nice product and I do recommend it.

  • It is made out of treated fir wood.
  • It has solid and strong legs that are powder coated.
  • It is very durable.
  • It is very versatile in use.
  • You need to re-coat this product to extend its life.
Best with Swing
Panacea Products 89088 Steel Flat Top Arbor with Finials review

8. Panacea Products 89088 Steel Flat Top Arbor with Finials

  • Frame Material Type: Steel
  • Dimensions, Inches: 84 x 26 x 76
  • Weight, lb: 52
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Key Features and My Experience

I don’t really know much about this garden arbor but I would look into what I know about it. This structure is manufactured by Panacea, a company that specializes in making garden arbors. The 89088 model helps users enhance their garden or walkway with a flat top finial. There are three vertical bars rest in each side panel on this product which also has a finial shape for a classic look. For more stability, the company added an intersecting horizontal bar that beautifully blends with the square theme located on the top of the arbor.

There are small curves in each top corner for support while adding a hit of grace to the product.  Users can use the included mounting stakes to hold your product steadily on the ground and they can also plant creeping vines for more visual effects.  The metal bars found on each side give ivy and grapevine leverage to grow for a dramatic and functional garden structure. It is constructed with steel and coated with a black powder finish which gives the product a that offers timeless beauty and also weather resistivity for the coming years.

Johnny Hunt

My Overall Impression

The 89088 is an ideal product for your backyard or garden entrance. It can be decorated with climbing plans and creeping vines or better yet balloons or LED strip lights for ceremonial decorations. I do recommend it.

  • It has a powder-coated finish for durability.
  • It is made up of steel which is resistant to rust.
  • It can act as a support for climbing plants and vines.
  • It is compatible with even large gardens.
  • The holes in the rails are somehow oversized.
  • The hardware doesn’t look so great.
Best with Solar Light
Belham Living Outdoor Garden Arch 7.5-ft Tall review

9. Belham Living Outdoor Garden Arch 7.5-ft Tall

  • Frame Material Type: Steel
  • Dimensions, Inches: 92 x 20 x 60
  • Weight, lb: 35.2
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Key Features and My Experience

Throughout the years, Plow & Heart has maintained its dedication to its guiding principles. In other words, this company treats its users and customers like family and friends while offering quality products which is backed by a full satisfaction guarantee. When you buy this product, you would find out that Plow & Heart actually has beauty and quality in mind.  This product was manufactured with in-depth scrollwork which will bring class and style to your garden even without flowering.  It is very easy to picture oneself self over this walk through your garden space or by a quiet bench in your backyard.

The design of this product is reminiscent of the ornate wrought-iron which decorates windows. The square tabular iron arch is rustproof stainless hardware and it comes with a burnished gunmetal finish. It is also easy to assemble. This is because of the 7″ ground stakes it comes with which also improves stability and sturdiness.

Johnny Hunt

My Overall Impression

This outdoor garden product is a very nice product especially if users want something that is simple yet versatile. Although this product may not have a perfect light system, it still provides the basic functions of garden arbors while being versatile at the same time.

  • It is made up of a sturdy steel frame.
  • It is coated in a black gunmetal finish.
  • This type comes with solar light on top.
  • There are two hooks available for hanging plants.
  • It is not easy to set up.
Best with Wings
Giantex 7FT Garden Arbor Fir Wood Over High Outdoor Patio Pergola Trellis review

10. Giantex 7FT Garden Arbor Fir Wood Over High Outdoor Patio Pergola Trellis

  • Frame Material Type: Fir Wood
  • Dimensions, Inches: 88 x 32 x 49
  • Weight, lb: 34
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Key Features and My Experience

I would try to list out the product’s features along the way. This product as we know is constructed with durable high-quality wood that lasts longer. This makes this product a reasonable choice for various occasions due to its versatility. It can be used at the garden entrance, walkways, weddings, outdoor parties, etc. This product is also very easy to set up. Users get to work with high-quality hardware which contains detailed instructions for installation.

Users don’t have to worry about this product because it is made with an environmentally friendly material that fits into any style for your yard.  This structure can also be used outside, it is protected with a planter guard stain which makes the product look new as well as have water-resistant properties. 

Johnny Hunt

My Overall Impression

Standing at just 7 feet, this garden arbor has all the characteristics of a garden arbor and it also looks great. It is lightweight and the price is convenient for someone who is on a budget. I do recommend this product.

  • It is easy to set up.
  • It has a durable and sturdy nature.
  • It suits any environment.
  • It is resistant to harsh weather conditions.
  • The product is wobbly.

Comparison Table

ProductFrame material typeDimensions, inchesWeight, lb
Dura-Trel 11178 Providence ArborResin85 x 28 x 6430
New England Arbors Florence Vinyl ArborResin94 x 24 x 4947
New England Arbors Athens Vinyl ArborResin81 x 23 x 3918
Plow & Hearth Montebello Garden Arbor with GateIron84 x 23 x 5367
Gardman R361 Kensington ArchSteel82 x 20.5 x 4525.1
Greenstone Fairchild ArborWood84 x 26 x 6148
Yaheetech 85in Wood Arbor Arch Wedding ArchesFir Wood & Iron84.6 x 23.7 x 6336.7
Panacea Products 89088 Steel Flat Top Arbor with FinialsSteel84 x 26 x 7652
Belham Living Outdoor Garden Arch with Solar LightsSteel92 x 20 x 6035.2
Giantex 7FT Garden ArborFir Wood88 x 32 x 4934

Benefits of a Garden Arbor

Best Garden Arbor - Reviews & Guide

Below are some of the benefits of purchasing a new garden arbor:

  • Garden arbors can act as a shady spot to relax. During hot weather and the heatwave, this product can give users a bit of relief from the scorching sun and an environment where they can relax.
  • This amazing structure can create a focal point or as I would call it, an entranceway in your garden space. You can fix a gate under the product to create a beautiful doorway or you can just decorate it to make it look outstanding to your guests.
  • This unit helps plants that creep and crawl which in turn helps add vertical garden beauty. This unit can make your garden a very convenient place to train ivy roses, grapevines, and honeysuckle. This upright position also adds a rack of plants in the space which will add more to your garden atmosphere.
  • Garden arbors offer good protection from both wind and rainfall. A good product can help protect users from bad weather conditions, especially if a durable fabric is added to the decor altogether.


How to anchor a garden arbor?
When you have purchased your product and also assembled it, it is time to choose where you are going to place it. Since you have to anchor this product, you will need to find a place that will give you the best result ever. It is more advisable to place your arbor on soft ground. When that is done, you need to increase the structural integrity next. To properly anchor a garden arbor, you need to increase the strength of the legs or you risk the structure of your product in ruins during a strong wind. Use a metal brace and attach it where the legs meet the posts and screws. Once the above step is done, move your product to the spot just as you want it. Use a mallet or hammer to rebar in place so that the legs get wrapped around. Place one re-bar over each leg and hit them to the ground until it is finally in place. Now use rocks to disguise and hide the re-bar.
What is the best material for a garden arbor?
Like we saw earlier in this article, vinyl is the best material for a garden arbor. This is because vinyl garden arbors were created to stay frequently in harsh or extreme weather. It is virtually impossible to damage like metal or get splinters like wood. They can also be used anywhere in the world.
How to support metal garden arbor?
To support a metal garden is keeping the trellis from falling. To do that, drive 12 – 18-inch metal stakes to the ground with a rubber millet leave at least 6 inches of each stake above the ground. Place the trellis against each stake and use a rope or a plastic zip tie to hold each leg. This works best for the metal trellis that has two or three legs touching the ground without a bottom framework. Next, dig a trench that’s 8 inches deep and 4 inches wide. Make sure that there is at least 4 inches longer than the bottom of the trellis. Compress the base with about 2 inches of gravel then set the trellis to the trench. Make sure it is leveled and add have in case it is not. Have someone hold the trellis for you again and add another 2 inches of gravel then fill the hole with the soil you dug up. Lastly, attach the trellis to the metal arbor and use a U-staple nail over a piece of the trellis to support both sides of the structure.
What to put under the garden arbor?
To ornate a garden arbor, there are things you can put under a garden arbor to increase the beauty this product gives off. To grow on an arbor, choose plants that weave their wag through structures. Honeysuckle, roses, clematis are examples of plants that require climbing leverage. You can also use balloons and LED strip lights but this is ideal during ceremonies and parties.
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