10 Best Garden Bridges – [Reviews & Guide 2021]

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Best Garden Bridge - Reviews & Guide

Adding a garden bridge to your backyard is both practical and attractive. It can go over a stream, helping users cross a pond located in your courtyard, or provide a pathway from one part to the garden to the other. Most users can also use a bridge just for decoration or ornamental purposes. Either way, getting a good product is important for you.

There are various styles of design. From a sleek elevated foot part bridge to a standard full-service one, each of that types can fit your class and want for the nearby outdoor place. From the simple all the way to the grand Zen-like experience, the garden bridges can give their owners a taste specific design can bring.

So you've prepared for a lifestyle with a bridge in your backyard, but what kind and type are best for you? In this article, we will take a look at the best garden bridges I've reviewed in detail. You will also learn some of the factors to consider when selecting a decorative bridge for your backyard area.

  1. Best Wooden Bridge: Outsunny 5ft Bridge
  2. Best with Neutral Finishing: Shine Company 4 Ft. Cedar Bridge
  3. Best Cedar Bridge: All Things Cedar Bridge
  4. Best Decorative Bridge: Coral Coast Harrison Bridge
  5. Best with Solar Lights: Kotulas Solar Pillar Bridge
  6. Best Metall Bridge: Belham Black Metal Bridge
  7. Best for Backyard Pond: Coral Coast Harrison 8-ft. Bridge
  8. Best Japanese Style Bridge: SamsGazebos Japanese Style Bridge
  9. Best Metall Arched Bridge: Outsunny Metal Arched Bridge
  10. Best Landscape Bridge: Giantex Stained Finish Bridge

Factors to Consider

Best Garden Bridge - Reviews & Guide

When purchasing or selecting a decorative bridge of your choice, there are also factors one has to look at. These factors have features that would make any product stand out. Below are the factors to consider when choosing the best Garden Bridge:


If you are purchasing a bridge over 6 feet in length, that product is meant to have some type of rail. This does not only protect anyone using it but also comes as a design making the bridge a bit gorgeous.  Rails can come as horizontally or vertically and some are manufactured high quality with rich details especially with metallic bridges.  There are also products that don’t feature rails and it would be perfect for users who want a simple and understated choice of style.


Backyard bridges span from about 3 feet to about 12 feet or more in length. From an average rut found beside your house to wide water passages or rock gardens, there are products that are just the right length.

Take note that your bridge doesn’t really have to cross any path. If you want a long bridge such as an 8-foot bridge because it looks gorgeous in your garden, you can have it.


Users usually want their courtyard bridges to inspire their gardens or the other way around but which every way they want, there are countless varieties that can be combined into any environment. Like a cape cod type of style, all users have to do is just go for a clean bridge with straight lines or a painted bridge as well. If you are into rural life, there are bridge options or products with dark finishes and thick posts which is just perfect. If you are the romantic landscape type, go for metal bridges with side panels and ornately detailed rails. Garden bridges with orient-infused designs are another choice one can make and they often feature arched or straight lines with feature low railings.


Most garden bridges have posts that have no decorative details while others feature finials. These factors can be made out of simple blocks shaped in a round form to make it look soft while some are designed with solar light to create a nighttime beauty.


Best Garden Bridge - Reviews & Guide

Regarding the weather and how often you want to use your decorative bridge, the material used in constructing your product is a really huge factor when picking out the best garden bridge.  Redwood is tough enough to resist and tackle weathering while Cedar is naturally resistant to mold and insects.  Pine gives users who love wood a knotty grain but your bridge would need a sealer to keep it protected while it sits in your compound. Either you choose a metal design or a wooden type of garden bridge, it can really make a huge beautiful effect on your yard area.

Most wood materials may need to be annually or semi-annually sealed or re-stained so that they can always keep looking new. You can also decide to go more natural and let the wood patina over the years change to a weathered silver grey. If the paint is applied as a finish, it can maintain the visual style that you always desire on any material and if possible, galvanized metal can resist outdoor threats to the maximum.

Probably you don’t even care about how the bridge looks like and you just want something that would make you be able to cross water.  Pressure-treated lumber or metal garden bridges would give you features that would make it more desirable for you. It also needs low or minimal maintenance compared to the decorative type of garden bridge. 

1. Outsunny 5ft Bridge – Best Wooden Bridge

Outsunny 5ft Wooden Garden Bridge with Railings review

The Outsunny 5ft Wooden Garden Bridge is a perfect choice that can be attributed to creating a beautiful environment in your home or garden either near a pond, or stream, or a patch of a rut.  This decorative bridge was constructed using a sturdy fir wood that is coated with a finishing to eliminate or minimize splitting, rusting, or cracking.  This outdoor component is a beautiful product that is highly durable to stand the test of time. It was built with a traditional design that aims to be the centerpiece of your backyard, where you relax and become one with nature.

This Outsunny bridge has an arched elevated footpath which adds a classic and instant charm giving your garden a traditionally designed pathway. Just as the surface of the bridge is arched, the sideways are also curved with three posts on each part of the bridge for increased convenience and safety.

This Decorative Bridge with Railings also comes with a stained finish to help protect the wood from getting bad. The fir material used in making this bridge can hold weights of up to 400 pounds at once.
  • It has an amazing design.
  • It adds more beauty to your garden.
  • It is safe to use.
  • It has a satin finish.
  • It can hold weights of up to 400.
  • The satin finish washes off quickly.

Author's Opinion

Only one look at the Outsunny 5ft Wooden Garden Bridge, You would find out that this bridge is made with the finest materials. However, the coating is not that strong, users advise that it is required to be coated at least once a year with a new satin finish to prevent it from becoming old quickly.

2. Shine Company 4 Ft. Cedar Bridge – Best with Neutral Finishing

Shine Company 4 Ft. Cedar Garden Bridge review

This garden bridge just as the name implies measures about 4 ft in length. This awesome bridge gives or adds a cluster to a decorative backyard few. Shine Company is located in California and it has been providing an array of services and products for over 41 years.  This product is handcrafted and made of high-quality goods which will change the perception of your garden.  You can also place it to interact with the elements within your landscape.

This backyard bridge was made out of yellow cedar wood which is known for its resistivity to moisture, insect damage, and decay. The finish makes it possible for users to apply their paint or satin finish to their satisfaction.  The cedar used to construct this bridge has a knotty grade and a beautiful grain that adds to the charm and warmth. 

  • It has a natural finish which users can apply finishes of their own taste.
  • It is made of yellow cedarwood.
  • It is resistant to decay, moisture, or insect damage.
  • It comes partially assembled.
  • It is rust-resistant.
  • The finishing quality is poor.

Author's Opinion

Getting this garden bridge from the Shine company is a nice addition that would fit your Japanese-themed backyard. Although the quality is not the best out there, I believe it may still stand the test of time. I do recommend it.

3. All Things Cedar Foot Bridge – Best Cedar Bridge

All Things 4 Cedar Garden Foot Bridge review

This All Things Garden Bridge is a very simple product with only a surface that has no rails or pillars for support. This bridge is designed to be very simple and it is specifically for people who do not want a backyard bridge to be highly visible from their standpoint. This decorative bridge has a length of 4 feet which is enough and convenient for a simple self-owned courtyard. If you need a longer or shorter bridge, there are more options when you need to purchase the bridge. It also comes in 2’, 3’, 6’ as well as 8’ and 10’.

 This classic bridge just as the name implies makes use of a quality Cedar which is resistant to factors that can damage your product.  These factors can be mold, rainfall, decay, and even insects. The cedar used in the production is known as a grade A clear grain which adds to the beauty of the environment. When it comes to finishing, the Garden Bridge definitely goes the extra mile. This bridge comes with a carefully sanded finish.

  • It has a very simple design.
  • It is made with cedar which is resistant to factors that can damage it.
  • It has a sanded finish in which users can apply their own coating or paint.
  • There are no pre-drilled holes in the sidebar.

Author's Opinion

When it comes to this backyard bridge by All Things, it is a practical bridge that actually handles the task thrown at it. Be careful though and get prepared drill holes on the sidebar during installation. For users who love the rail feature in garden bridges, you can opt-in for the handrails during purchase.

4. Coral Coast Harrison 6-ft. – Best Decorative Bridge

Coral Coast Harrison 6-ft. Wood Garden Bridge review

For users who love gloomy appearances and dark beautiful structures, this Wood Garden Bridge would be a choice that fits their needs. This product has a very sleek classic design with a very dark and handsome stain which would make sure your garden is in perfect condition. Whether you simply add an attractive visual interest to your backyard or you need an old sleek traditional look on your property, this wooden bridge from Coral Coast Harrison would just do that for you.

 This bridge was constructed with a well-crafted cedar which is proven to be tough even at the face of insects, rot, and mold.  The dark brown stained finish also makes it possible for users not to worry much about maintenance. This product is clearly a traditional type of garden bridge with an unembellished look that will fit into any garden of your choice. This likable bridge just comes in one size which is 6 feet long.

  • It has a perfect length.
  • It is made of cedarwood.
  • It gives your garden a traditional look.
  • It is resistant to factors that degrade it.
  • It is very hard to assemble.

Author's Opinion

This wood garden bridge adds spice to your garden by giving it a warm cozy traditional look with a dark brown satin. Although you may experience some difficulty during assembling, it is still a great bridge that would impress your friends and family. I recommend.

5. Kotulas Solar Pillar Bridge – Best with Solar Lights

Kotulas Solar Pillar Bridge review

I would try as much as possible to evaluate this product from my observations. The Kotulas Solar Pillar Bridge is a 4-foot bridge which it’s exclusive structure will transform the landscape of your garden.  It is manufactured with Chinese fir wood which also features about 6 solar lights for added beautification.  The solar pillar also makes the stroll through your garden much more natural. When it’s night, this bridge lights up creating an amazing lighted path which supplies rays of hope to plants in your garden.

It comes with pre-drilled holes and assembling instructions or manuals.  This Solar Pillar Bridge due to its natural texture can be painted  but users are required to prime the product first before any form of finishing can be applied to it. The wood is also resistant to weather and any agent of climate. The Kotulas Solar Pillar Bridge can support maximum loads of up to 250 pounds.

  • It is made from Chinese fir wood.
  • It can support loads of up to 250 pounds max.
  • It has a natural design.
  • Users can add any type of finish they desire.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • The quality of the lights is cheap.
  • The customer service is poor.

Author's Opinion

What makes this Bridge really stand out is the ability to assemble the garden bridge quite easily. All parts and bolts are in place and what is left for you is to get your tools. I noticed that this bridge is in the shade of light orange. Users that don’t feel attracted to this color can prime the product and repaint it to a color that suits their taste or environment.

6. Belham 8′ Black Metal Danbury – Best Metall Bridge

Belham 8 Black Metal Danbury Garden Bridge review

The Belham Garden Bridge is a product that most people do not really know about. Therefore it was hard reviewing it so I decided to test it out ourselves and give my full but honest review. This Black Metal Backyard Bridge is manufactured by Belham living. The company specializes in building quality furniture with versatile styles and enough highlights to bring out the details.  The company’s policy is channeled towards attention to material, the rich wood finish, and stylish lines that come together to produce their masterpiece. 

I believe that this slatted walking garden bridge is an 8ft bridge that users would enjoy making use of. The bridge is surprisingly made out of metal, outdoor-ready steel which is covered with a black powder-coated finish. It has arched rails and a slatted walking surface which makes sure that the courtyard bridge does not gather puddle. Assembling this product is also very easy compared to most products on this list.

  • It is easy to assemble.
  • They have good customer service.
  • It has a sturdy design.
  • It has fast customer service.
  • It doesn’t rust easily.
  • The rails are too sure.

Author's Opinion

This product is a good one and it is perfect for users who love this dark moody feeling. It has arched rails which some users complained about it being too short but it is perfect for a standard-sized garden bridge. I would recommend it.

7. Coral Coast Harrison 8-ft.  – Best for Backyard Pond

Coral Coast Harrison 8-ft. Wood Garden Bridge review

The is Wood Garden Bridge is an elegant beauty gardener and farmers might want to purchase especially if they own a bigger expanse of garden.  This bridge measures about 8 inches which is convenient for a small stream or a small pond.  The Bridges' gorgeous length and natural design will enhance the look of your garden environment. It is made out of Fir wood which makes it almost immortal to rot, insects, and molds. If you don't treat the product as much as it is required, it would slowly degrade in color to a fine silver shine.

This product is designed to be placed over water or creeks as well as ruts to give your garden a very alluring look and a cozy finish. The walking surface is also slatted so that it can prevent debris or unwanted water from collecting on the surface. When you purchase this garden bridge, assembly is required.  This backyard bridge is very easy to put together and its natural finish feel makes them add the stain they want. 

  • It is made up of fir wood for mold, insects, and rot.
  • It can be applied to any type of finish the user wants.
  • It gives gardens a very unique and attractive environment.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • It is convenient for large gardens.
  • The product's durability is low.

Author's Opinion

This product is a good choice when it comes to garden bridges and most users who purchase it always have a positive view of it. However, there are some questions about its durability but I believe that if this product is maintained properly, it would really last for a long period of time.

8. SamsGazebos 8′ Moon Bridge – Best Japanese Style Bridge

SamsGazebos 8 Moon Bridges Japanese Style review

This garden bridge is a very special and unique product because it was manufactured in the United States. SamsGazebos, the company that manufactured this product was established in 1981, meaning it has been in operation for over 39 years.  SamGazebos is a prominent innovator in the development of a variety of wooden structures and when it comes to this elegant design, the company did no difference. 

This product features a gracefully arched bridge that is made out of wood and it is also designed to highlight your rock garden and water features while blending into any landscape theme. This garden bridge adds a spirit nurturing aspect to your home garden. This outstretched courtyard bridge measures about 8 feet and it is convenient for gardens of any sort.

  • It is made in the United States.
  • It has a Japanese design.
  • It is built with quality wood.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It can support weights of about 400 pounds.
  • The predrilled holes are not done properly.

Author's Opinion

If one craves Asian beauty and a Japanese-themed garden bridge, then this product is the right choice for you. It adds a sleek and beautiful design to your home garden but you have to be careful during assembling. This wood bridge comes with a predrilled hole, but get ready to take a trip back to the hardware store because the predrilled holes might need a few adjustments. Other than that, I do recommend it.

9. Outsunny 4′ Metal – Best Metall Arched Bridge

Outsunny 4 Metal Arched Backyard Decorative Garden Bridge review

Made by Outsunny, this Metal Arched Backyard Decorative Garden Bridge brings all the romantic memories as well as an elegant touch to your garden. This metal bridge is designed to fit most gardens no matter them and it does look good on it. It is measured at about 4’ which is convenient enough for an average personal garden. It also comes with fancy handrails that have a decorative scrollwork design which adds more beauty to your outdoor space.  This product is integrated with a durable metal frame that is capable of supporting weights of up to 450 pounds. 

Due to the fact that it is constructed with metal, this bridge boasts of an epoxy coating that is weather-resistant and easy to maintain for years.

It is very easy to put together. The company included detailed instructions on the steps users have to take to put the garden bridge together.

  • It has an attractive decorative look.
  • It is made up of treated metal which is resistant to weather and rust.
  • It is versatile and can be used in any garden.
  • It is easy to put together.
  • It comes with dance rails which adds beauty to the product.
  • The customer service is poor.
  • When it comes to functionality, it doesn’t hold up much.

Author's Opinion

Overall, this is a good product and it is recommended for people who love romantic gestures and metallic taste. This garden bridge would fit and blend into any garden regardless of the theme. When it comes to anti-rust measures, the company took it to the next level by coating the metal with epoxy. I do recommend this product.

10. Giantex 5′ Stained Finish – Best Landscape Bridge

Giantex 5 Garden Bridge Wooden Stained Finish review

Surprisingly, this is one of the few garden bridges which measure about 5 foot in length. Made by Giantex, this wooden bridge is perfect for adding beauty to gardens especially if there is a water pathway or any other type of landscaping.  The material used in the manufacturing of this garden bridge is fir with a stained finish which makes it look natural and elegant.  The coating is an oil-based transparent brown wood preservative that can give your garden a tea life look.

The product has a solid arch frame that can be integrated into any landscape of any choice.

This garden bridge can carry a maximum weight of about 225 pounds which is not much but a bit reasonable for most gardens.

Just avoid climbing the bridge or use it more for decoration purposes. When it comes to assembling, this wooden stained decorative garden bridge is a very sharp choice. It is very easy to assemble as far as users follow the instructions step by step.

  • It is made from strong fir wood.
  • It has a long-lasting use.
  • It is suitable for a number of garden themes.
  • It is convenient for outdoor use.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It is expensive.
  • The quality is low.

Author's Opinion

I think that this garden bridge is a great product but it should be used more as a deco other than a functional product. It resistant to harsh conditions, making it one of the most durable products on the list but it doesn't support much weight. I recommend.

Comparison Table

ProductMaterialDimensions, inchesSize, ftWeight Capacity, lbs
Outsunny 5ft BridgeFir Wood60 x 26.5 x 95400
Shine Company 4 Ft. Cedar BridgeYellow Cedar Wood48.5 x 26.25 x 18.254600
All Things Cedar BridgeWestern Red Cedar47 x 36 x 74-
Coral Coast Harrison BridgeFir Wood72 x 29 x 196500
Kotulas Solar Pillar BridgeChinese fir wood58.25 x 26.38 x 19.685250
Belham Black Metal BridgeMetal93 x 28 x 298400
Coral Coast Harrison 8-ft. BridgeFir Wood96 x 29 x 198580
SamsGazebos Japanese Style BridgeFir Wood96 x 36.5 x 21.58400
Outsunny Metal Arched BridgeMetal46.75 x 28.25 x 274440
Giantex Stained Finish BridgeFir Wood5 x 26.4 x 21.75225


The top 10 best garden bridges featured here are all dependable bridges which are highly rated by most users and purchaser. In this post, I offered a full range of options users would like to choose from to make their backyard garden a beautiful success. I hope that this review and buyer's guide would greatly assist you as you make your choice. If you aren’t sure yet but have few products at hand, you can consider researching more on it.

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