7 Best Retractable Awnings – [Reviews & Guide 2023]

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What to Know About Retractable Awnings: The Ultimate Guide

Best Retractable Awnings – Reviews & Guide

Are you looking for ways to protect your house from sunlight, winds, and rain? Invest in a high-quality retractable awning without any second thoughts! First of all, this will add to the beauty of your home. Also, it is more accessible and convenient than a regular window.

What is a retractable awning, and why do you need it?

In Laymen’s language, it is an adjustable extension that allows an individual to enjoy the comfort of the shade of a roof. Retractable awnings are usually composed of vinyl, acrylic, metal, polyester vinyl composite.

Now that you decided to install a retractable awning, how do you select the best retractable awning? Here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

Retractable awnings are usually composed of vinyl, acrylic, metal, polyester vinyl composite. Polyester and Vinyl composite fabrics make them durable and waterproof. Such types of awnings are used for both commercial and residential projects. On the other hand, acrylic fabrics enhance the appeal but are not water-resistant. The ones composed of natural fabric are cheaper but can be easily damaged.

When finding the right retractable awning is important to check if the awning is motorized or manual. Motorized products usually offer wind sensors.

Depending on the space and budget size, you can choose the right retractable awning for your house. So, keep these following pointers in mind before purchasing your next retractable awning.

  1. Best for Patio: AECOJOY
  2. Best Manual Awning: ADVANING Manual
  3. Best Motorized Awning: ADVANING Motorized
  4. Best Sun Shade: Outsunny
  5. Best for Deck: Best Choice Products
  6. Best for Home Decor: Tangkula
  7. Best for Homes: MCombo

What to Consider When Purchasing the Best Retractable Awnings

In this part of the article, we are going to talk about what to consider if you want to buy the best product that can satisfy your needs. If you are a recurrent buyer of retractable awnings, then I don’t mind you skipping this section. On the other hand, if this is your first time buying an awning, then I advise that you take this section seriously because it can greatly affect the choice you make.

In addition to that, you will not only end up making a careful and detailed decision but you will find yourself in the category of people who help guide people on the smarter choice to go for. The awning market is filled with a lot of products both known and unknown and buyers end up having a lot of options to decide on.

Note: it is important you know that the pricey or most costly products aren’t the best out there and also vice versa.

With that said, let us jump into the factors you consider when making a purchase.


The first factor you consider when picking out an awning from various choices is the size. You have to select or pick a size that would fit without problems where it is meant or planned to be. If you aren’t careful about the size, you can end up picking an awning that is too small or too big to fit the place it is meant to be installed.

So the first thing you have to do before searching for a retractable awning is to measure the space in which it would go to or open up.

With this process, you can be guaranteed a perfect fit. Picking out the right size will not only maximize the retractable awning’s potential but will also make setting up easier for its users. For example, if it comes to a scenario where the retracting awning is too small, customers can end up experiencing problems during installation such as finding it difficult to attach it to the right anchor points. Customers can experience the same problem when the size is too wide as well.

Users should also consider picking out the right size and how far the rechargeable awning can stretch out. It is very important because it dictates how much you use your product during the day. If it doesn’t stretch out long enough, it would be useless mostly during the day and it would act as only a decoration.

Overhead vs. Side Awning

Best Retractable Awnings – Reviews & Guide

If this is your first time purchasing a retractable awning or you don’t really know much about it, allow me to illustrate and describe this factor to you.

Retractable awnings with no doubt resemble an umbrella and most of the retractable products will extend over your head when it is opened up just like an umbrella. The fabrics used to make overhead awnings are ”high quality” and the main purpose of this type of awning is just to protect you from the scorching sun and also prevent ultraviolet rays from destroying your screens.

This type of awning is very good when it comes to blocking most of the Ultraviolet rays. The frame used in the production of the overhead awning is entirely made out of aluminum and it is also coated to increase its lifespan as well as prevent the metal from rusting.

On the other hand, the side awning acts not as a protector from sunlight but as a divider for your space in the backyard. The best advantage of this type of awning is that it can provide privacy to your patio which is located outdoors. Also, you can divide your patio according to requirements. In short, you can say that side awnings provide their users with an adjustable and customizable space divider solution.

Manual vs. Automatic

Initially, retractable awnings are produced or made to be manually operated but if you are willing to go above the budget for better convenience, you should consider getting an automated version that will make it easier to operate.

The manual version usually has a bar that operates the mechanism that retracts and spreads the awning. Therefore you have to be careful and make sure that that part of the manual retractable awning has to be always accessible so that the awning does not stick to being always closed or open at all times.

One of the best features about the manual type of retractable awning is that you can adjust and set it to the place which fits your taste. Meaning that if you don’t feel like taking it out all the way to the end, you can shorten it manually and spread it further any time that fits you. Automatic versions will find it hard to give you that kind of privilege, meaning that it either retracts fully or stretches out fully and you can’t customize it too.

However, more sophisticated models may have additional features that make them easier to use. For example, some models may come with sensors that can detect rain or wind and they would automatically close when this happens so you do not have to worry about leaving it open.


Best Retractable Awnings – Reviews & Guide

This may not be a top priority but it is important that it is being considered when picking out the best retractable awning in the market. Because this product will be installed for a long time, you have to make sure that it will add value and beauty to your home or wherever it is going to be installed. If the product looks out of place, it may be an eyesore to visitors than a structure of beauty it was meant to be. While there aren’t many options or style when it comes to retractable awnings, you can choose from a variety of options which make your outdoor environment as beautiful as ever.

However, you should keep in mind that the colors of your awning may fade over a period of time. After years of constant use, you can expect your awning to fade away and look less bright than when it was first purchased.

Some sophisticated retractable awnings might come with high-end quality materials which will stay longer before fading so you don’t have to think about replacing them at the moment.


Another factor that you have to look into which can affect the buying decision is how long it will stay or in short, the durability. When it comes to retractable awnings, durability is a factor that is much important as other factors because it is important to replace the entire product than replacing each and every component.

This factor also depends on the type of material that was used during the production of the canopy. This makes the evaluation of the product’s durability easy when purchasing. E.g. Aluminum is the most durable material used in the making of retractable awnings compared to other materials that are used in production.


Best Retractable Awnings – Reviews & Guide

When we talk about materials, we actually have the canopy of the retractable awning product in mind. This factor plays a very important or crucial role in deciding how well it will behave or handle different weather conditions. Also, the durability of the product can be determined using this factor too.

Having a vast source of information about the material of the product you want to purchase will help you make a smart decision. Let’s take a look at some of the materials that are used in making awning canopies.

PVC – Standing as an abbreviation for polyvinyl chloride, PVC is known to be one of the first synthetic materials which are used in the production of retractable awnings. Although this material has slight advantages over organic materials, it is still not a better choice when it comes to low tensile strength. When compared to most materials used in the making of retractable awnings, Polyvinyl Chloride is more likely to tear or shred.

PVC is known to be a form of plastic so you have to expect this material to have most of the features associated with plastic. When it comes to flexibility, PVC seems to be a perfect choice. Since it is made up of mostly plastic, you can expect it not to retain water when it comes in contact. Another advantage this material poses is its waterproof features and resistivity to mildew.

Canvas – Most of the normal retractable awnings use canvas as their home material during production. Being made of linen or cotton, Canvas is a naturally occurring fiber that makes it a durable and expensive material to go for. When it comes to durability, the canvas has more tensile strength when compared to other materials used in the manufacturing process. But aluminum scores higher when it comes to tensile strength. When it comes to flexibility, the canvas is the most flexible then followed by aluminum.

The disadvantage associated with canvas is lengthy and since it is an organic material, it is possible to suffer most from climate-related conditions. If your canvas is not treated, it is prone to mildew.

This happens because the canvas does not only hold water but it also feeds mildew making it hydrophobic. The canvas as a material is also prone to deteriorate when exposed to UV rays so when selecting this material as the material you want to use for your awning material, you need to know about the ups and downs so you can make a smart decision.

Polyester – This type of material is accepted worldwide and it is one of the favorite choices for people who want to get retractable awnings. As a material, polyester boasts of so much versatility but at the same time, this material is its own disadvantages too. Retractable awnings made up of canopied polyester are much more affordable because the material used in manufacturing is the least most expensive material you can find in the market. Although PVC can be compared to polyester in terms of price it is much lower in quality when compared to the same material.

Although polyester looks like a great material to invest in it is still hot the best out there.

This material can resist UV rays and it can also be chemically treated to perform more than usual. They also retain water much more than canvas making it naturally hydrophobic.

When it comes to polyester, it is said to be the most fibrous material which is resistant to most conditions and it is also resistant to mildew growth.

Acrylic – Acrylic, as we know, is mostly used as a protective cover over other base materials. Users will often find the base material of the retractable awning to be made out of acrylic. The probability of you as a newbie, finding them both as the same is very high but the fact is that they are very much different in various ways. Just so you know, most of the acrylic-coated canopies make use of materials such as canvas.

To make your canvas in which the canopies are made from resistant to variable climate conditions, acrylic paint is used as a coating on top of the material. However, acyclic fiber materials work differently and they are best used with polyester than cotton fibers. Acrylic fibers just like PVC and polyester are naturally hydrophobic. This material is also resistant to harmful rays from the sun.

AluminumAluminum as a material is very much durable but on the other hand, it is less flexible than most of the materials on this list. Although this is the case, you can still find some companies that still make retractable awnings for commercial and industrial purposes using aluminum as their primary material. Popularly, aluminum has a very long life span and it is resistant to rust or corrosion.

When it comes to tensile strength, aluminum seems to be the best material to use when producing a retractable awning compared to any other product. It is also resistant to Ultraviolet rays and mildew as well. Although it may fade due to constant exposure to sun rays, you can prevent this by applying a coating powder.

Top 7 Retractable Awnings You Can Buy

Picking the right retractable awning can be tricky. Don’t worry! We have selected the best 7 retractable awnings and reviewed them in detail so that you make an informed choice!

Best for Patio
AECOJOY 8.2×6.5 Patio Awning Retractable Sun Shade review

1. AECOJOY 8.2’×6.5′ Patio Awning Retractable Sun Shade

  • Material (Fabric): Polyester
  • Size (ft): 8.2′ × 6.5′
  • Type: Manual
  • Cassette: No
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Key Features and My Experience

The patio awning by AECOJOY is an ideal retractable awning for the shading of the windows. Be it in your courtyard, balconies, patio, eateries, this product provides protection from the UV rays while enhancing the look of the space.

Made of 280g of polyester and PU coating fabric, it shields the patios from rain and sunlight. It is water-resistant and provides 50+ UV sun protection. Are you looking for a durable retractable awning?

Build with a powder-coated aluminum frame, double-strand steel ropes, and rust-resistant materials make it highly long-lasting. It is a manual patio awning that can be operated by a hand crank. The overall size of the patio awning is 8.2’L x 6.5′ W, perfect for covering patios and balconies.

AECOJOY 8.2×6.5 Patio Awning Retractable Sun Shade review

It has quite a lightweight design, but don’t be deceived by its looks. The solid structure and the sturdy body can resist winds scaling under level 5.

The installation is supposed to be relatively easy- make sure to install it on a solid surface with the help of 2 persons. The recommended height for installation is 8’ to 12’. You need an assembly for installation; manual and hardware are included in the kit.

Coming to the price point of the retractable awning, it is value for money. However, I recommend you to check out better options at a slightly higher price.

Johnny Hunt

My Overall Impression

Overall, it is an excellent value for money. The elaborate instruction manual by the brand might facilitate a smooth installation of the retractable awning. However, looking at the heavy weight of the awning, it’s suggested to take the help of at least two people. Avoid installing it on rainy and windy days.

The overall dimensions of the product corresponded with the description. Mine was exactly 38 lbs and 8’2 inches long. You can use it for both home and business – for shading of windows, in cafes, balconies, patios, and courtyards.

I had another option on my mind from the house of SunSetter, which comes with similar specifications but is four times the price of this retractable awning. To my surprise, this awning was not cheaply made compared to its price point.

  • Sturdy material for the price.
  • Suitable for both home and business use.
  • Great for sunshade.
  • Decent range of colors available.
  • Installation is slightly time-consuming.
  • Not motorized.
  • Design is mediocre.
Best Manual Awning
Advaning Retractable Awning C Series (Classic) review

2. Advaning Retractable Awning C Series (Classic)

  • Material (Fabric): Acrylic
  • Size (ft): 8′ x 7′ – 16′ x 10′
  • Type: Manual
  • Cassette: Semi-Cassette
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Key Features and My Experience

This 8′ x 7′ retractable awning is best suitable for adorning your home and enjoying a UV80+ solar protection. The ADVANING awning has a higher degree of sun protection in comparison to our first pick (Acejoy Patio Awning).

The ADVANING Classic Series spoils you with a myriad of choices. These come in 5 different colors and sizes. The sizes range from 8’x7′ to 16’x10′. Choose the desired awning aligning with your space and requirements.

I am usually not a fan of polyester retractable awnings as it fades over time. This one here is a 100% acrylic fabric ensuring fade resistance.

Don’t have enough time to spare for the installation? Don’t you worry! The Advaning awnings are pre-assembled and ready for installation. If you face any issue, refer to the video guide by Advaning professional US-based team.

Advaning Retractable Awning C Series (Classic) review

The retractable awning is composed of 100% Acrylic Fabric which is fade resistant. The fabric is highly breathable and does not trap hot air, making it a better pick over polyester awnings.

While you may wonder about its durability, this awning is built with a Durable 40x40mm Steel Frame and a 70mm Diameter Aluminum Roller Tube. The stainless steel frame is rust-resistant, ensuring a solid and safe structure.

It also provides an easy pitch system with the help of the hand crank included in the retractable awning. This makes it the best choice for homes owing to the functionality of the product.

There is not much difference when compared with the L- series, S-series, and SG-series from the same brand. The minor difference is the grade of stainless steel used and the number of springs. The C series offers a single spring, in case you were wondering. The C-series model also has a built-in cassette which is missing in the L-series.

If you have a higher budget, I would suggest you upgrade to a motorized version. However, the manual version of the model is also a great buy.

Johnny Hunt

My Overall Impression

It offers a diversity of shades, making it a good buy for decorating homes. The color of the retractable awning nearly corresponds to the picture shown on the website. So be relaxed about the appearance of the product.

I am pretty sure the awning’s durability is good enough due to the presence of a high-grade Steel Frame and Aluminum Roller Tube. Another highlight is its easy pitch system to adjust the slope of the canopy. Many other brands offer a very complex adjustable pitch.

Installation of retractable awnings can be a hassle, but this model might provide a smooth installation due to the inclusion of 100% pre-installed parts. This is something missing in most of the retractable awnings. Once the installation is made, the overall product is of excellent quality.

I was apprehensive about the price point of this product, but given the top-notch quality and specifications, it is an excellent investment.

  • The colors do not wash out for a long time.
  • The Awning unit is fully assembled.
  • 304-grade stainless steel.
  • Withstands heavy winds.
  • The structure is quite heavy.
  • Relatively costly.
Best Motorized Awning
Advaning Electric Retractable Awning Classic Series review

3. Advaning Electric Retractable Awning Classic Series

  • Material (Fabric): Acrylic
  • Size (ft): 8′ x 7′ – 16′ x 10′
  • Type: Electric
  • Cassette: Semi-Cassette
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Key Features and My Experience

Tired of looking around for good quality motorized retractable awning? The 10’x8′ motorized retractable awning could save you from the scorching sun. Its premium quality 100% acrylic fabric protects you from harmful UV rays. The product claims to provide UV80+ solar protection.

Just like the other models of Advaning, the fabric used is highly breathable and keeps the area cool. It is fade-resistant as well.

Don’t think twice before investing in this model. The brand guarantees a durable design by including a 70mm Diameter Aluminum Roller Tube and 40x40mm Steel Frame to support the framework. The sleek aluminum semi-cassette hood ensures extended longevity. Since this is a motorized version of a retractable awning, the brand provides an easy motor operation at a push of a button.

Advaning Electric Retractable Awning Classic Series review

To enhance the look of your house, you can remove the front bar valance, thereby adding a contemporary look to your home sweet home.

Another highlight which really impressed me was the Classic heavy-duty 183x47mm high-quality aluminum 6063-T5 cassette hood to protect the motor and the fabric. Usually, brands end up delivering mediocre quality cassette hoods which tamper with the engine.

Unlike other brands that provide a complex multi-step process to adjust the shade coverage, this one is easy to adjust with the Easy pitch loop. Just rotate the loop to adjust the front pitch. There you go! Enjoy the preferred shade coverage with ease and comfort.

If you are on a hunt for a motorized retractable awning over a manual version, this might be the one for you.

Johnny Hunt

My Overall Impression

When I unboxed the product, I could spot a fully assembled Awning unit, 1 remote control, 1 hand crank, 4 lag screw set w/ washer, 4 expansion bolt set w/ washer, remote control, and a 16 feet power cord. For me, the inclusions are pretty impressive. The fully assembled unit could save you a lot of time.

I really liked how you can extend the awning to 10’ and the same can be adjusted anywhere between the maximum point. Make sure to have the desired control over the awning and you are good to go!

The pitch will be set horizontally around 15 degrees when it gets delivered. However, you can adjust it from 5 to 45 degrees, depending on your requirements. Refer to Advaning’s website for a demo.

Comparing it with the L-series by Advaning, both the series are equipped with 6063-T5 grade lateral arms, aluminum semi-cassette hood, and front bar. The only difference is the grade of steel and fabric used. The installation manual is easy to comprehend and might make the process hassle-free.

  • High-grade steel and fabric used.
  • Fabric does not trap hot air.
  • Hassle-free installation.
  • Responsive customer service.
  • Not fireproof.
  • Higher shipping rates.

Best Sun Shade
Outsunny 10 x 8 Manual Retractable Awning review

4. Outsunny 10′ x 8′ Manual Retractable Awning

  • Material (Fabric): Aluminum, Steel, Polyester
  • Size (ft): 10′ x 8′
  • Type: Manual
  • Cassette: No
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Key Features and My Experience

Are you looking for a multi-surface sunshade awning? Outsunny’s Manual Retractable Awning might be the one for you. This sunshade awning can be attached to various surfaces like stucco and siding. However, for wooden-framed homes, mounting screws are not included in the kit.

With an overall size of 10’ L x 8’ W, weighing 36 lbs, this retractable awning is CE certified.

The retractable awning features an easily adjustable hand crank. Just like an ideal awning, this too provides adjustable coverage.

The thick 280 square mt. Polyester fabric with a PU waterproof coating provides full proof protection from rain, winds, and UV rays. The polyester fabric is supported by a reel, a front support bar, and two retractable arms.

Outsunny 10 x 8 Manual Retractable Awning review

Outsunny has done a great job by attaching a thick aluminum base tube and a torsion bar with arm to ensure a solid and durable structure. Looking at the quality of the retractable awning, it’s best suited for domestic purposes. The brand suggests not to use it on Recreational Vehicles (RV).

Are you bored of browsing through the same old dull colors? This model by Outsunny offers an array of exquisite colors like beige, coffee, multicolor, red, dark green, wine red, and many more. By far, a great choice to adorn your home.

Coming to the installation, make sure to correctly measure the installation height to allow the installation of the hand crack.

One tip would be to measure the width of the wall, reserve approx. 10cm/4″ on one side of the window. This is because if the screw is too close to the wall, it might eventually cause cracks in the wall.

Johnny Hunt

My Overall Impression

I feel it’s hard to beat the product for its price point and the specifications provided. The individual parts seem to be of pretty good quality. The overall quality of the retractable awning is quite sturdy.

The product claims that it can protect from rain. However, I do not think the fabric is water-resistant. Another drawback of this retractable awning is the unclear manual instructions. It is a little challenging to comprehend the instructions, which can delay the installation. But once you are done installing, it could be an excellent sunshade for your home.

Comparing to top brands, the retractable awning by Outsunny has the best price point with similar features.

If you are on a budget crunch and don’t mind these minor limitations, then this might be an ideal pick.

  • Sturdy product for the price.
  • The retractable awning is CE certified.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Enables versatile placements. For eg: above doors, windows, or both.
  • Instructions are hard to follow.
  • Can’t be used for businesses.
Best for Deck
Best Choice Products Retractable Sunshade Awning review

5. Best Choice Products Retractable Sunshade Awning

  • Material (Fabric): Polyester
  • Size (ft): 8.2′ x 6.5′
  • Type: Manual
  • Cassette: No
Check Price on Amazon

Key Features and My Experience

Is the deck of your house too sunny or hot? Get your home a retractable awning ASAP!

The 98×80 inch retractable awning might be an ideal choice to amplify the beauty of your deck. Best Choice Products has invested a lot of time and effort in designing this Aluminum Polyester Sun Shade.

PU coating on the fabric helps the retractable awning resist rain and UV rays. A solid powder-coated aluminum frame prevents rust and adds to the longevity of the product. The company claims it provides All-Weather coverage.

An important thing to note would be its 60-inch hand crack, to ease the opening and closing of the retractable awning.

If you are looking for a vast area to cover, this one covers an area up to 54 square feet. Making it ideal for parties and gatherings.

Best Choice Products: Retractable Sunshade Awning review

There is no restriction in mounting this awning at the desired place. It can be mounted anywhere, be it vinyl, wood, stucco, or balcony patio.

The retractable is capable of withstanding wind and rain. However, I will not recommend this for RVs. It might not be able to withstand strong winds while driving.

It comes pre-assembled so setting it up is not a hassle. One person is enough to set up the retractable awning.

When I compare the product with SunSetter, the model is of excellent quality for the price. If you do not want to burn a hole in your pocket, this might be the one. It has the same quality and cost is quite less than SunSetter and the custom-made awning shops.

Johnny Hunt

My Overall Impression

The Best Choice Products 98×80 in Retractable Awning has in all met my expectations. It may not be the best pick for business use (like RVs), but it is a decent fit for your deck. The shade coverage is massive to engulf bigger spaces.

It’s one of the cheapest in the market and is mainly at a discount. So, if you are starting with buying a retractable awning, this could do the job.

Ensure that you don’t live in a windy area; the awning is mostly meant for shading the area. What more can you expect from such an affordable retractable awning? It will do the job of keeping the place cool.

The fabric is a little thin but manageable. The opening and closing of the awning would be effortless due to the presence of a 60-inch hand crack.

Since the structure is lightweight, the installation may not give you a hard time. One person can quickly get the job done. Overall, it’s a thumbs-up from my end.

  • Inexpensive.
  • An array of colors available.
  • Hassle-free installation.
  • Provides a great look to your deck.
  • Not sturdy enough.
  • Few installation parts are flimsy.
Best for Home Decor
Tangkula 10 x 8 Aluminum Retractable Awning review

6. Tangkula 10′ x 8′ Aluminum Retractable Awning

  • Material (Fabric): Aluminum
  • Size (ft): 10′ x 8′
  • Type: Manual
  • Cassette: No
Check Price on Amazon

Key Features and My Experience

Yet another great retractable awning that could amplify the beauty of your home. The retractable design allows you to retract the awning in a roll. The long hand crack makes the functionality of the awning smooth and quick. I could open and close the awning with ease.

The angle between the awning can be adjusted from a range of 40-100 degrees, depending on the desired amount of shading. This large shed will effectively protect the area from sultry weather.

With a dimension of 10’x8′, the retractable awning is best suited for windows in patios, courtyards, and balconies. It is perfect for cafes and restaurants too.

Tangkula 10 x 8 Aluminum Retractable Awning review

Tangkula has invested a reasonable amount of time and effort to design such a lightweight yet sturdy awning. The brand claims that it can withstand winds of a certain scale as well. The shed of the retractable awning is composed of polyester with a PA coating. The coating increases the sunlight and water protection capacity of the retractable awning.

Most suitable for houses, the awning can be attached to surfaces like stable brickwork or plan cement walls.

The color array is impressive and will suit any ambiance of a house. I personally very much liked the appearance of the retractable awning as it corresponds to the description.

Johnny Hunt

My Overall Impression

My first impressions of this product were good. However, the installation instruction manual was hard to comprehend. The letters were too small to read through.

The canvas is of good quality for the price point. The shipping speed was great too.

You might need to buy extra hardware to make the awning retract correctly. The purchase of additional hardware might cost you extra dollars.

Make sure to mount it on a solid, flat 90 degrees surface, with at least 2 to 3 inches of wood to drill the mounting bolts.

As far as my instincts go, this retractable awning could last you a couple of summers. The premium aluminum alloy and cloth extend the durability of the retractable awning.

I feel it’s a good option for domestic use. But keeping the extra cost in mind for additional hardware, I would suggest you to go for Best Choice Products 98x80in Retractable Awning for a lesser price.

  • Good fabric quality.
  • Sturdy design.
  • Good for both domestic and business use.
  • A few hardware missing.
  • Instruction quality is not good.
Best for Homes
MCombo 12x10 Feet Manual Retractable Awning review

7. MCombo 12×10 Feet Manual Retractable Awning

  • Material (Fabric): Spun-polyester
  • Size (ft): 12′ x 10′
  • Type: Manual
  • Cassette: No
Check Price on Amazon

Key Features and My Experience

Another great buy for patios, doors, and windows. The T5 grade aluminum frame ensures that the retractable awning is rust-resistant, lightweight, yet sturdy. MCombo has equipped the model with a spurted plastic steel hand crank to facilitate a safe, easy to adjust mechanism.

The fabric is made with 280g/meter sq. of polyester with PU, making the awning fade-resistant, water-resistant, and anti –UV with 50UV+ sun protection.

Fabric is available in multiple colors to suit the occasion and requirements. The arm of the awning is very elastic and can be unwrapped after the installation is completed. Designed with five small rollers which support the fabric, it allows the fabric to flatten out seamlessly.

MCombo 12x10 Feet Manual Retractable Awning review

The tilt of the awning can be adjusted from 0 to 35 degrees as per your needs.

The retractable awning can withstand a considerably good degree of wind, up to level 4. It is not suitable for rainy weather. Mostly ideal for shielding the space from sunlight and heat.

Massive brickwork, concrete walls, or rigid woolen walls are recommended for mounting the awning. It can cover a deck that can be as deep as 11 feet. So the shield coverage is quite impressive.

For the price and the variety of designs offered, you can consider getting your hands on this one.

Johnny Hunt

My Overall Impression

My first impression is excellent, and the product appears to be sturdy. I was very much impressed by the retractable awning design, as it aligns with the design in the picture. The brand spoils you with a wide selection of designs, select the one suiting your taste. The fabric is of premium quality and can keep the area cool even during a hot and humid climate. All thanks to the 50UV+ solar protection!

This retractable awning from the house of MCombo has a sturdy aluminum frame with an iron torsion bar. It’s safe to say; it can withstand winds below level 5. Apart from that, an excellent buy for shielding a space.

The open and close operation was pretty smooth with the inclusion of the hand crank. No electricity power is required for the same.

The installation could be challenging because of the poor manual instructions. So I would recommend you to call a mechanic if you have the budget.

All in all, I approve of this product!

  • Cooperative customer service.
  • Hand crack is of good quality.
  • Great designs are available.
  • A little steep on price point.

Comparison Table

AECOJOYPolyester8.2' × 6.5'ManualNo
ADVANING ManualAcrylic8' x 7' - 16' x 10'ManualSemi-Cassette
ADVANING MotorizedAcrylic8' x 7' - 16' x 10'ElectricSemi-Cassette
OutsunnyAluminum, Steel, Polyester10' x 8'ManualNo
Best Choice ProductsPolyester8.2' x 6.5'ManualNo
TangkulaAluminum10' x 8'ManualNo
MComboSpun-polyester12' x 10'ManualNo


How to install retractable awnings?
Before you start the installation, you need to bring out everything and make sure that no single piece is missing from the box. Calculate and determine where to fix and mount the awning. Use a stud finder and find studs under the wall and drill holes on which a bracket will be mounted on. Position the mounting brackets and once they are up, all you have to do is to install the awning hood and the bar of the awning into the mounting bracket or as to how the manufacturers illustrated it. Apply silicone caulking to seal the excessive holes.
How do retractable awnings work?
Automatic awnings are functional through the operation of a motor that allows its customers or users to retract or spread out their awnings with just a push of a button. Automatic awnings come with a manual override feature in which users can manually operate or customize their retractable awning just Incase they end up losing electricity. Manual awnings, on the other hand, are being operated and customized fully by the hand.
How to clean retractable awnings?
First, start out by using your garden hose to wet your retractable awning before you then apply the mildew remover. Let it soak and react with the material for a while then scrub it thoroughly with a brush and plenty of water to get the mildew stain off your awning. After that is done, rinse the awning thoroughly and then unroll it out completely in the sun to dry.
How to fix retractable awnings?
To fix your retractable awnings, you have to replace the material used to make the initial product. Start out by first removing the old fabric. Take the old fabric and measure it out and cut it from the new fabric you want to use. Sew the panels together and Hem all the edges found on the awning. Measure and cut the valance and don’t forget to add the cording sleeve. Finally, attach and bind the material to the valance and reinstall the fabric just like the previous one.
Can retractable awnings withstand wind?
There are two types of fabric that are best when it comes to wind resistance namely the permanently closed frame awnings and the loose frame retractable awnings. Although there are some risks associated with the product when it fully spread out, it can still go against mild to normal winds of about 100 mph without any damage done.
Can retractable awnings be used in the rain?
Retractable awnings are strong enough to sustain and handle winds of a certain speed and also some harsh weather conditions such as rainfall. Meaning it can be used during rainfall and certain weather conditions. In as much as this is possible, most companies that produce this type of product always advise that it should be retracted fully because some products can break in heavy rain or high wind.


Choosing the specific product that would meet your requirements can be a little hard, especially for first-time buyers. You will also waste a lot of time and effort if you want to go into each product. That’s why I have listed above the most important factors which would help you in selecting the best retractable awning for your patio or backyard.

In this article, I have compiled the top-products list you can get on the market. I hope you were able to compare and contrast each one, view its pros and cons by reading this detailed guide.

Just as expected, there is no single product that doesn’t fit the description as the best retractable awning but it entirely depends on your requirements. If you are into convenience and luxury, you can get the motorized type of awning but if you don’t really mind always set up your own shade, you can go for the manual model.

If you aren’t sure yet of the product you want to purchase, you can research and read more or better yet view the reviews and video testimony of people who have used the product. I can come to a conclusion on which product to pick. With this article, I hope you are clear on the type of retractable awning you need.

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