Gorilla Carts GOR866D Heavy-Duty Garden Poly Dump Cart Review

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Gorilla Carts GOR866D Heavy-Duty Garden Poly Dump Cart review

A garden poly cart lets you carry your gardening tools and materials without too much effort. They remove the hassle of carrying around everything you. They are a great investment for anyone who cares about keeping an attractive garden. You don’t need to invest in all the garden accessories you see.

You might own many tools and resources like fertilizer bags. Lugging them around can cost you both a lot of time and effort. They’re also great for transporting heavy loads. They offer great durability and capacity.

In the following review, we’ll go through Gorilla Carts GOR866 dump cart. It’s an excellent addition to anyone’s garden.

Product Summary:

Overall product score: 4/5

Gorilla Carts’ heavy-duty cart makes it easier to transport your gardening materials. This garden dump cart is quite large, and its structure is poly, complemented with steel framing.

With its black finish, the cart frees you from heavy maintenance duties.

Cleaning it is seamless, and it can last you for years without issues.

It comes with a 1,200-pound capacity and quick-release dumping features. It’s surprising how much time it saves. You can even tow it using an ATV or lawn tractor.

Product Features:

Now, we’ll break down the overall score, analyzing the product’s most important features. The following features illustrate the products’ functionality. That makes it easier to compare with other options.

High capacity: 5/5

The cart can handle up to 1,200 pounds. It’s a perfect option for both transporting heavy loads and numerous materials at the same time. It offers lots of room for carrying all the tools you need. You don’t need many trips back and forth from your shed.  The quick-release feature reduces unloading times to seconds.  The only consideration with the main body is the lack of drainage holes. It will accumulate water if left outside during rain.

Pneumatic, 13-inch tires: 4/5

Pneumatic tires make pulling the car a lot easier. They reduce weight impact without sacrificing mobility. They’re also great for tracking different terrain types. They don’t get stuck and somewhat make up for bumps and smaller holes.  They also last longer before getting deflated thanks to their thickness. 

Rust-resistant: 3/5

This cart sports a rust-resistant bed. Water isn’t too big of an issue unless left unattended for extended periods. However, the steel frame and bolt joins might require more consideration.

Convertible handle: 5/5

The D-shaped handle makes the cart comfortable to carry around. It reduces the effort necessary to tackle different terrain types around your garden.

This convertible handle also allows users to hook up the cart to lawn tractors and ATVs.

It makes everything more convenient and efficient.

Durable design: 4/5

This poly cart aims to last, and it’ll take a lot of heavy work to start taking a toll on its structure.  The noticeable lack of welding points also makes it last longer since it’s less prone to breaking.  The pneumatic wheels are very thick. Adding air to them frequently isn’t necessary.

Product Specifications:

View on Amazon: Gorilla Carts GOR866D Poly Garden Cart

Load capacity, LB: 1200
Load size, CU FT: 6
Bed material: Plastic
Tires size: 13 in

  • The cart can hold both a lot of weight and items. Its size and components, built for that purpose, make it perfect for most tasks.
  • Pneumatic wheels allow the car to travel through different types of terrain effortlessly.
  • The convertible handle lets it attach to tractors and ATVs for towing to make the work even easier.
  • Bolts secure everything into place. There’s no need to worry about welding points breaking.
  • The patented and unique quick-release system is great for unloading materials. It’s as useful for dropping residues into trash bags.
  • The rust-resistant polybed and steel frame looks good, is durable and comes in a sleek black finish.
  • The lack of drainage holes makes it prone to accumulate water if left under the rain.
  • Plastic wheel bushing springs make them less durable than possible metal replacements.


This garden cart is an excellent product that could make gardening a lot simpler for any owner.  It’s perfect for intense sessions requiring using many resources and tools. 

It’s good to fit in heavy items, including logs, which are up to 38 inches long. Unlike the previous versions – which had complaints of its welds breaking – the new GOR866D model does away with the problem. There are no more welds, making it a good buy.

This cart is perfect for people who:

  • Use many (and heavy) materials and tools for their gardens.
  • Want a durable investment that will last for years.
  • Can’t lift too much weight.
Seeing its features makes this an easy recommendation from us. Make sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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