Hoople Premium Pro Garden Weed Barrier Review

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Hoople Premium Pro Garden Weed Barrier Review

Do you spend too much time plucking pesky weed from your garden? Or, do you use a gardening tool to do the dirty work for you? Regardless of how you physically eliminate weed from your garden, you know that it can be pretty time-consuming, hectic, and irritating, right? We have all been there.

The traditional methods of weed removal need to be ditched. We want to pay more attention to our healthy plants than annoying weed, right? Several low-value products in the market will do the trick for you, but only temporarily. They can be pesticides, garden hoe, or specialized containers.

But we want a permanent solution, and therefore, today, we will review one of the best landscape fabrics in the market that acts as a garden weed barrier.

Product Features:

The Hoople Premium Weed Barrier is a brilliant product from the Hoople Store, dealing with highly effective materials for gardening purposes.

It is available as two major products in the following dimensions: one is a 4ft by 150ft Landscape Fabric with an ultra-thick layered product, and the other a 4ft by 50ft Landscape Fabric with an ultra-thick layer.

 The product has multiple applications for creating a garden border, making pathways dealing with gravels, rocks, and chippings, used as raised soil liners, and used under mulch. 

Durability and thickness: 4/5

Hoople Premium Weed Barrier is a product that prides itself on being composed of ultra-thick layers made from polyethylene. The product is heavy-duty and provides good resistance to environmental factors. When it comes to durability and tensile strength of the product, you are getting something that has proved itself under heavy pressure conditions.

Effectiveness: 5/5

Despite being a thick layered heavy-duty product, Hoople Premium Weed Barrier is well known for being highly permeable to air and water. Your healthy priority plants like fruits, flowers, and vegetables won’t go dry.

The product is free of artificial chemicals and does not damage the crops and soil under it.

On the downside,  the product isn’t as immune to UV rays and soil microbes. 

Ease of Installation: 4/5

The product by Hoople Stores is easy to install by yourself, although due to it being heavy-duty, you may require some assistance for installation. Despite being multi-layered, you can strategically cut the weed barrier at places where you intend to place your healthy plants with a good pair of scissors.

Design: 4/5

Its spongy or fibrous texture is prominent when laid down on the garden surface. The Hoople Premium Weed Barrier has a lustrous look in the bright sunlight. Black in color, it makes for an excellent covering for your garden.

Product Specifications:

View on Amazon: HOOPLE Premium Pro Heavy Duty Weed Barrier

Size: 48′ x 180′
Lifetime: 5 years
Weight (LBS): 9.9
Material: Polyethylene

  • This product’s prominent feature is that it is multi-layered or ultra-layered, as defined in the product detail section, which makes it incredibly resistant to degradation by UV light.
  • The thickness also gives rise to durability. Therefore, it can be used during paving; yes, paving vehicles can indeed go over it on a hard surface without tearing the product.
  • The product is better quality and thicker than your regular weed barrier fabric product in market places like Lowe’s and Home depot, as claimed by the manufacturer.
  • The ease of permeability to water and air preserves your wanted plants’ life and promotes their growth.
  • The primary role of any weed barrier is to stop the growth of weed, and the Hoople Premium Weed Barrier does this very effectively by robbing the growth potential of pesky weed. The product occurring in two dimensions of 150ft and 50ft is suitable for all types of consumers.
  • Hoople Premium is a heavy-duty weed barrier and is a multi-layered product; it won’t be a surprise you or many others find it heavy or challenging to handle alone. Rather than messing up its installation, it is best to call for professional help for installation.
  • If you have fruits or vegetables planted that need a higher quantity of water regularly and need the soil to be changed on a higher basis, then perhaps this product isn’t for you, as removing the barrier multiple times can lead to tearing of the product.


Hoople Premium Weed Barrier, the name is so catchy, right? The product is catchy, too. In no time will you get hooked to its effectiveness, high standards, and durability.

A product of Hoople Stores, the specialty of the product is in its ultra-thick layered polythene manufacturing. This gives it good resistance against disruptors, be it biological, environmental, or artificial.

The fact that you do not have to worry about your plants’ growth and health is relieving, too, right?

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