How to Cut Landscape Fabric

Landscape Fabric is a form of thin, cloth-like polypropylene material that is woven or spun in an effort to help users drive away weeds in their garden beds without going through much hassle.

How to Cut Landscape Fabric

It can also be called “geotextile” landscape fabric which is known to replace the plain black plastic sheet mulch.

This fabric is also permeable and thanks to its durability, it lets water through to get in contact with the soil and users don’t also have to worry about it slipping when wet.

Landscape fabrics are usually fixed in gardens and small farms with the cloth-like material set in overlapping rows and the edge of the fabric pinned down with a metal landscape staples.

When installing your landscape fabric,  you need to pre-cut holes for your garden plants , usually perennials or shrubs. When that is done,  the user can simply put a stone mulch or an organic type  that would mask the fabric and boost the look of your garden to be more appealing.

Step 1

Set your plants on top of the fabric and position it well until they match your choice of taste or the way you want to keep them – make sure you look up and take advice on planting tags to get the right spacing between crops. You should not make excess or useless cuts due to the fact that the hole can be an opening where unwanted plants can sprout and flourish.

Step 2

Measure each diameter of your flower or plant pot – you can just simply gauge and eyeball to get the width.

Step 3

Make an “X” mark on the landscape fabric using a garden or a utility knife at the point where you would put the plant in. Also, make sure that each X mark is longer than the diameter of the pot twice so it can allow space for easy inserting.

Step 4

Fold the excess cutting made by the X-shaped cuts initially under the landscape fabric hereby, making a square shape on the ground for digging.

Things Needed to cut and lay the Landscape fabric

Measuring tape
Utility knife


Dispose of the excess soil you dugout on the landscape fabric because weeds can literally grow and germinate anywhere, even in the harshest conditions of the soil.


Quality high-grade landscape fabric can last with users using it for more than five years.
To get the perfect results, dig holes that equal as deep as the plant’s root and also two times as wide.

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