How to Plow Snow with an ATV

Investing in an ATV goes a long way to just fun off-road riding during the warmer season. You can, in fact, extend the functions of your ATV through winter and use it to plow the snow around your driveway and other external parts of your home.

How to Plow Snow with an ATV

You must be asking yourself, how exactly do I do this? Well, we have just the solution for you. Outlined below are the key steps on how to plow snow with an ATV to enhance the plowing efficiency in your home.

Are ATVs Good for Snow Plowing?

Generally, ATVs are good for snow plowing.

ATVs are particularly perfect for any depth of dry snow, or low to moderate depths of wet snow.

What makes an ATV perfect for snow plowing is that it is flexible, easy to maneuver, fast, and ideal for narrow paths such as sidewalks. However, for heavy-duty applications such as clearing out deep and heavy snow, you may need a bigger machine such as a snowblower.

How Much Snow Can an ATV Plow?

Dry snow is virtually weightless thus; this makes it easy for a relatively small machine such as an ATV to handle it. Additionally, because dry snow is light, an ATV can easily plow through even thick and deep snow. With wet, compact, and heavy snow, you will be able to yield a little plowing power.

However, in certain circumstances, you should expect to experience some resistance.  The more wet and compact the snow is, the more difficult it is to plow using an ATV.  Generally, this relatively low weighing bike can handle wet and compact snow of no more than 8 inches deep. This is because by then, the heavier weighing dry and compact snow becomes even more difficult to handle with a lighter machine.

In fact, using an ATV in these conditions, you will experience some hiccups or even damage to the ATV. Your tires may begin to spin, the blade may not get to the ground deep enough, you may have to plow through a single place twice, and snow may pack around the tires of your ATV to limit movement.

If you have to plow through deeper and wet snow, it is always a good idea to go for more heavy-duty machinery such as a 4 x 4 quad.
This is because when using these bikes, the front end tends to follow the direction of the blade.

Using a smaller and more lightweight machine on deep, wet, and heavy snow can easily push the blade towards a deformed angle. A 4×4 quad on the other end is better positioned to withstand the heavy and deep snow.

For more serious conditions such as a snowstorm, you may have to do the actual manual plowing because a lot of snow is falling in a short period. If you choose to wait out the snowstorm, you may have to opt for a machine that is large and heavier duty than an ATV.

Generally, an ATV snow plow is designed with smaller blades than those you will find in a truck. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect to clear all the snow in just a single round.  So, for small to regular medium-sized homes, an ATV snow plow is a perfect choice.  However, if you want to plow large spaces or wider roads, you may want to opt for a larger machine.

How to Plow Snow with an ATV or UTV

Plowing snow using an ATV or UTV comes with several steps.

Ensure The Machine is in Working Order

How to Plow Snow with an ATV or UTV

Before you being to plow snow, make sure the ATV or UTV has adequate oil and fuel. Additionally, you should check to ensure it has enough coolant. Furthermore, check the plow connections and blades to ensure your machine is in working order. As a tip, wipe cooking oil or silicone spray on the blades to prevent snow from sticking on to them and to make the roll much easier.

Set The Depth

Before you begin to plow, examine the snow to help set the ideal plowing depth. If the snow is not too deep, make sure you set the right depth so you don’t dig into the ground or worse, damage the ATV.

Start Plowing

Start by working away from the home – from the front porch or garage. With most homes, the garage area normally has a slope. This layout is even better if the slope runs high from the garage and low towards the street as it allows the ATV to flow smoothly.  Always ensure that the plow blade is angled towards the direction you want to head to. 

Then, you can also make passes toward the side. As the snow begins to pile, make passes using less of the blade to create an overlap and to ensure the deep snow doesn’t stick to the blades. Doing so also reduces the load amount on the plow and machine.

After Completion

When you are done, clean off the plow and the machine. This is because leaving the snow on the plow will reduce its sharpness and even cause rusting over time as it will freeze on the surface.

Furthermore, to protect the machine, always lower the plow to the ground when you park the ATV or UTV.


The guide above proves just how easy and convenient it is to plow using an ATV. Additionally, if you learn the right way how to plow with an ATV or UTV, you will never have to struggle with clearing up the white powder in your home. Whilst it may not be the best option for clearing up wet, heavy, and deep snow, getting to the task before the snow increases can help significantly increase its functionality and effectiveness.

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