How to Refill or Replace Trimmer Line?

Do you want to maintain a clear yard – free of any weeds, grass, or woody plants? Learning how to refill trimmer lines goes a long way. Using a trimmer liner makes cutting through grass, weeds, and small woody plants a breeze. Spinning at high speed, a trimmer line harnesses powerful force that holds its line stiff – allowing it to easily cut through the grass and weeds.

How to Refill or Replace Trimmer Line?

However, to maintain a clean yard and garden, this has to be a continuous task. Thus, to eliminate the need to spend money on landscapers, we’ve shared outlined a detailed guide on how to replace weed eater lines so you can set them up by yourself.

Weed Eater String Replacement Steps

Generally, different brands have varying methods for changing trimmer lines. However, the principle remains the same. You will find three common types of trimmer lines in the market.  These include a single line trimmer, double line trimmer, and speed feed trimmer. 

In this guide, we will focus on how to refill trimmer lines from these three categories rather than focusing on a single brand. After all, the principles remain the same.

Single Line Trimmer

This is perhaps the simplest type of trimmer. To refill or replace this trimmer, follow the steps below:

  1. Purchase a new line for the trimmer (make sure you purchase a line with a corresponding length and width as your trimmer because the wrong size may prevent the trimmer from working correctly). Lines sold in hardware stores have a length range of between 10 and 25 feet. Thus, if you are unsure of the length, buy a long line that allows you to cut it in case your trimmer uses a shorter line.
  2. Start the replacement process by turning off the trimmer’s engine and let the gearbox cool down completely.
  3. On the trimmer head, remove the retaining cap (if can’t figure out how to do so, refer to the manufacturer’s manual).
  4. Locate the starter hole in the stool and insert the trimmer line’s tip. If you have trouble threading in the line, cut the tips at an angle to make it easier.
  5. Wind the line following the direction labels o your trimmer and wrap the line in a neat straight row until you remain without 6 inches of line.
  6. Snap the line into the spool’s retainer and hold it in place.
  7. Finally, line up the retainer with the slot on the outside of the head and remove the line.
  8. Pull the line through the slot – allowing it to feed smoothly. After ensuring the line is properly positioned, reattach the retaining cap.

Double Line Trimmer

How to Refill or Replace Trimmer Line?

The main difference between a double and single-line trimmer is that double trimmers have two lines spinning from their spool. The result is a faster cutting speed and strength, especially when tackling tough overgrowth.

However, this also means that a little extra effort is needed for winding. Nonetheless, if you want to replace the weed eater line with double trimmers, the process is still relatively easy. In fact, replacing a double trimmer line follows the same steps as the single line trimmer. But, the only difference is that unlike with the single line trimmer,  you have to set up two lines in the double line trimmer. 

To do so, follow steps 1 to 6 from above, and repeat the steps for the second line. For the first step, make sure both lines are the same size (length). When done, simply remove the lines from the retainers, pull them through the slot, and reattach the retaining cap.

Speed Feed Trimmer

As the name suggests, speed feed trimmers represent high-speed performance.  They feature a fast loading design and take less than 30 minutes to refill without total disassembly.  Similar to the double line trimmer, the speed feed trimmer uses two lines as well. To replace the weed eater line in the speed feed trimmer, follow the steps below:

  1. Choose the two trimmer lines that match your trimmer’s specifications.
  2. Turn off the trimmer’s engine and let the gearbox cool down completely.
  3. Rotate the trimmer’s cap to match the direction arrows and eyelets – light will easily penetrate through the head if you peep through the eyelets.
  4. Pass the tip of the line through the eyelet on the other side of the trimmer’s head, pull both ends together so they are even, twist the head clockwise until 6 inches of the line is exposed, and you should be done.

How to Maintain the Best Performance after Weed Eater String Replacement

How to Refill or Replace Trimmer Line?

Correctly replacing and refilling your trimmer line is one way to ensure the trimmer works efficiently and effectively. However, they are several other ways you can boost its performance as you refill the trimmer.

For example, as with all other hardware, trimmers require lubrication to function smoothly. Thus, when you are refilling a single or double line trimmer, it is also a good time to lubricate it. To do so, disassemble the head, clean it out with a clean cloth, and lubricate it. Also, you need to lubricate the spool and bearings.

Additionally, as you learn to refill your trimmer lines, you will notice a few glitches. For example, you may notice that the spool gets hard when handling it. In this case, don’t force it to move as you may break it. Instead, refer to the trimmers manufacturer’s manual to figure out what may have gone wrong.


For a beginner, replacing tricky hardware such as trimmers can be nerve-wracking and intimidating, but, learning and mastering how to refill trimmer lines isn’t as difficult as it sounds. With a few practice runs, you will be a pro in no time.

With the lawn trimming process out of the way, this is one more landscaping cost you will be saving. So, take your time to learn the simple and easy steps above to start taking care of your lawn on your own.

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