Ironton Tow-Behind Trailer Broadcast and Spot Sprayer Review

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Ironton Tow-Behind Trailer Broadcast and Spot Sprayer review

Spot sprayers are ideal for spraying your crops, weeds, or trees. You can set them up anywhere and get professional results in minutes.

We have several spot sprayers but pull behind lawn sprayers are great as they add extra mobility. You also have a powerful pump to cover wide ranges or heights matching your needs.

So, how does this product from Ironton perform? We have broken down the features and provided our scores for you to make an informed decision.

Product Summary:

Overall Product Score: 3.8/5

Ironton is an affordable and easy-to-use broadcast and spot sprayer. You can employ the pump around your small farm or property to spray your plants or crops.  The sprayer packs a big and sturdy tank to hold your chemicals and is made of durable materials. 

Ironton does its job without complaining thanks to a heavy-duty pump. You can cover wide distances and even the tallest trees on your property. Whether you use the spot or broadcast sprayer, you get amazing results every time. You can use it with Roundup agricultural herbicide too.

Ironton is a great choice as a sprayer – and you probably won’t find the need to buy another one.

Product Features:

Here are the best features of our Ironton sprayer with matching scores based on customer reviews and research.

Heavy-Duty Pump (Score: 3.5/5)

Ironton comes with an industrial-grade 1 GPM pump to give you the pressure you require.

The components can withstand pesticides and strong chemicals to last for years. You can also take the pump apart very easily and perform maintenance tasks.

No matter what pesticide you are using, the tank is compatible with it. Use it as weed killers or for bigger projects including larger pest maintenance jobs.

On the downside, some customers have complained of corrosion.

Cover Wide Distances (Score 4.5/5)

Ironton is a monster sprayer for all your agricultural or landscaping needs.  You can spray to a good height of 12-feet and cover 20-feet horizontally.  This is great for accurate spot spraying to conserve your materials.

The broadcast width is 40-inches, making sure you reach every corner of your property.

Durable Tank (Score: 4/5)

The tank on Ironton is made of chemical and UV-resistant material for years of operation. You can use the tank with your industrial sprays under a hot sun without any worries. In fact,  the tank walls are three times thicker than other chemical tanks.  The chemical-resistant polymer design ensures you can use all the chemicals you need. Plus, you can check the fluid level with the molded-in gallon marks.

Ironton ensures you save on your refills with a 13-gallon tank. You can also easily refill whenever needed with a large opening on the top. The pump also has an opening at the bottom to drain your chemicals.

Easy to Use (Score 4.5/5)

Ironton is the simplest tow-behind sprayer you will come across. You can set it up in minutes without any major work. The sprayer is also very simple, with no gauge or controls to confuse you.

Ironton means business, and you can get down, right to your task.

Lightweight (Score 5/5)

You will feel like towing a feather when you attach Ironton behind your ATV or trailer. This also makes it easy to store as you can put the sprayer on any shelf or space.

Product Specifications:

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Tank capacity (gallon): 13
Operating pressure (PSI): 40
Hose lenght (FT): 11
Voltage (V): 12
Consumption (GPM): 1.0

  • You can use almost any kind of pesticide thanks to the durable tank.
  • Easy to refill and drain chemicals and pesticides.
  • 11-feet hose made from durable PVC.
  • Comes with a hanging bracket for simple storage.
  • Large 10-inch wheels for additional stability on uneven ground.
  • Covers 40-inches width and 12/20-feet distance as claimed.
  • Markings on the tank to keep a tab on your fluid levels.
  • The motor can rust if water enters the casing.
  • Sprayer lacks any pressure control.
  • The tank may crack if left in the sun for too long in hot climates.


Ironton is ideal for people looking for an affordable sprayer that works without compromise. You can tow the sprayer anyplace and start spraying without wasting any time. The big and durable tank saves you on refills and can withstand even the harshest chemicals. You also have an industrial-grade motor to bring you the best results.

When using the sprayer, remember that you need to save the motor from exposure to moisture. It’s what will make the sprayer last longer.

We say Ironton is a super sprayer for the price and offers more features than you need.

What do you think about this Ironton spot sprayer?

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