LITA Realistic Indoor/Outdoor Artificial Grass Review

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LITA Realistic Deluxe Artificial Grass Synthetic Thick Lawn Turf Carpet review

Made by LITA, this real-looking fake grass is manufactured from a high-quality polypropylene yarn which is resistant to UV rays.  The company used a spine yarn  so that you can get the thick feeling of the fake grass. They also integrated layers of polypropylene, covered with thick rubber to make the product waterproof so that pee and water don’t get through the spaces.

We tested for fire resistance, durability, and color degradation and this carpet grass might withstand any condition thrown at it. If you put up LITA Realistic artificial grass in your yard or on your patio, you are guaranteed it would remain like that even in the coming years.

This product weighs about 70 ounces per square yard. The blades have been constructed to stand upright, without the use of any infill to support its structure.

But if you are setting LITA Realistic artificial grass up in a place where there is a lot of activities, it is recommended that you use infill to hold the grass in the place.

Product Features:


Having this LITA realistic indoor and outdoor artificial grass is like having the real deal and when quality is involved, there are so many fake grasses that can’t stand up to this product. Users have rather been impressed or surprised by the kind of quality and realness this grass gives off. We noticed that some people even bought it for their kids as a playing foot space and the children really loved it that they didn’t seem to want out of the space. If that is not all, you will be thrilled to find out that  this grass is also designed in unique quality to serve as a mat or potty space for your pet. 

Some people that bought LITA Realistic Artificial Grass even claimed that their pets couldn’t differentiate this fake grass with a real one and he enjoys going to potty train on it. Of course, other users may be disappointed with the turf because it’s not plush or deluxe enough but most customers will still find it comforting.

Draining Capacity

The company claimed that this product has excellent water permeability. Although it has enough quality as well as uniqueness, water drainage seems to be no problem. Professionals recommend that you can use this artificial grass as a potty or bathroom for your dogs due to the fact that it has a carefully designed draining system.

Texture and Density

The texture is what separates most fake grasses from each other and  the texture and the density of this LITA product look more real than other top products  too. While other products focus mainly on drainage, the padding is much easier while this product focuses mainly on giving users the real deal.


Maintaining this product is very easy. Most of the users might not agree on any of the advantages above (everyone has taste), but we can all agree is that this fake grass is very easy to clean and maintain. Some users might prefer washing, others vacuuming and you can even rake over it to get debris off it.


When installing LITA Realistic artificial turf, it was quite simple for us. To do this, first prepare the place where you want to set it up. Next, try adding a layer of crushed rocks that would make it flat. Then proceed to roll out your fake turf to cover the area. Users can result in using glue or using a stapler to create a beautiful space in your home.

This product may come in different sizes and it is used both indoors and outdoors no matter the condition. You can also use it to create a mud space where people can keep their footwear when they are in your home. To add more beauty to your backyard, you can also use this product to make an entire beautiful landscape of artificial grass.

Product Specifications:

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Pile height: 1 3/8″
Sq. ft: 3.3-1066
Weight, oz per square yard: 70
Backing: PP+ Net+ SBR Latex

  • It has a variety of sizes
  • It is cheaper when compared to other models.
  • It has drainage holes.
  • It is high quality and soft.
  • The blades are UV protected
  • The pile is about 1 3/8 inches tall
  • The grass gets hot easily


There are many motives one has put into consideration before they can put up their fake in their home. If you stay where it is difficult for real grasses to thrive, artificial grass may be the best alternative you can get.  One advantage of putting up one is that it is easy to maintain and take care of. 

To maintain this amazing product, one just needs to wash it with a hose once every week or so to keep it in good shape. Users can also make use of a broom so they can keep the blades upright. This would make sure your product lasts in quality and it meets the specific life cycle.

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