New 15′ Foot Roll Artificial Grass Review

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New 15’ Foot Roll Artificial Grass Turf Synthetic Fescue Pet review

With a mission of selling quality realistic artificial turf online, this product from Artificial Grass Wholesalers ships all over the nation to both professionals and DIY decorators. The company is a private business that gives its best when it comes to prominent and detailed customer service. AGW uses one of the best technologies to make or produce artificial grass which can be used for different purposes such as decoration, sports, pet turf as well as a whole range of landscape uses.

AGW is a prominent company in the fake grass industry which gives itself the burden of providing a reliable service and turning your boring old backyard into a family scenery. Despite the humbleness, the company uses industry-leading innovations and one of the most contemporary settings up practices in the world.

These products are not just friendly for the family, but they are family-approved and safe for your home.

In addition to providing users with fake grass for beautification, they also supply fake turf which can be used for a wide range of services such as recreational, pay grounds, in schools, for pools, and patios as well as a fake turf for your pet to relax and play.

Product Features

Artificial Grass Wholesalers is a producer of different types of fake grasses and the manufacturer doesn’t focus only on innovative synthetic grasses but they are also tasked with the job of producing the best home, pet, and embodiment friendly product which passes all safety checks. Also, their customer service is top-notch due to the fact that they ship directly to customers too.


Most users like the feel of this grass due to its authenticity and quality. It is pet-friendly, lead-free, and UV-protected. Also, this item has a 15 years warranty. Specifically, I love the feeling on my feet; the turf is fluffy like real grass.  The only drawback is that it can take too long to get delivered. 

Texture and Density

This product is very dense, dense enough to make you engrossed in its realistic nature. This texture and density also come as a result of its thatch composition. Thereby giving it the ability to withstand heavy traffic for performance and use.

Just as we stated above, the texture and density are built to mimic a real one. Many users and we loved the realness in this fake grass.

Draining Capacity

On the drainage side, this product is not really perfect at it.

Made to be used as landscape grasses, it still has less draining capacity than other grasses used as a pee pad or mats.

It is recommended to use a bio infill to boost the draining capacity. It prevents odor and it makes maintenance and cleaning very easy.

Maintenance and installation

 Maintaining this grass is much easier when compared to top fake grasses.  Unlike others, this product is perfect for beautifying your backyard. Just simple washing with a hose would do the job. Installation on the other hand poses a treat too. Customers have reported having no difficulty putting up or cleaning this product.


While many users advise that you not to use an additional infill, some professionals suggest you make sure the grass sways and the seams go the same direction when putting it up to ensure its durability. Try holding them down with nails too to support. The durability lies in how you set up your product. Also, constant maintenance can help boost durability too. As we mentioned above, the company provides users with a 15-years warranty and 30-days return policy.

Product Specifications

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Pile height: 1.6″-2″
Sq. ft: 3-1500
Weight, oz per square yard: 98.5-105
Backing: Polyurethane

  • It is very economic and affordable.
  • It can be gotten both online and in depo stores.
  • It has a real feel.
  • It is very easy to maintain.
  • It is used to teach your pets on how to use the potty better.
  • The draining capabilities are nothing to write about.
  • It is doesn’t come in small sizes


Artificial Grass Wholesalers Outdoor artificial turf is a unique synthetic turf that is used for a range of applications, such as beautification of your backyard. The product is a very valuable asset to Homeowners and it serves versatile uses for people who do not have the time to maintain real grass.

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