Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar Pak 6 Electric Fence Charger Review

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Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar Pak 6 Review

An electric fence charger, as the name suggests, is a portable device that you can use to energize electrical fences. You need one if you’re looking to stop the movement of wild animals or create exclusion areas.

 In areas where you don’t have 110v power available, it’s a convenient and easy choice.  The right charger for your fence is the one that matches the mile range of your land and the voltage power you need to drive away animals.

This is a review of Parmak’s latest model of electric fence charger, also known as the Solar Pak-6 model. The review is based on user experiences and a detailed analysis of the product.

Product Summary:

Overall Product Score: 4.5/5

If you own orchards, vineyards, small gardens, or larger pastures, Parmark’s solar electric fence charger is a useful product for you.

The brand lays a special focus on the quality of the solar panels that form the crux of the entire design. It is those state-of-the-art solar panels that make this product stand out.

There are multiple uses as well – like protecting your bees from bears easily by placing these on fences. Besides that, this charger comes with some really cool features, which we have analyzed and reviewed below.

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Here is all you need to know – from the features to their pros and cons.

Product Features:

We evaluated the overall score for this product after considering several internal, external, and performance factors. In a capsule, the following highlight features and their respective scores collectively make Parmak’s electric fence charger one of the best.

Pulsed Output (Score: 4/5)

A feature that checks out the safety of both the user and the animals, this fence charger gives pulsed outputs. This means that if anyone comes in contact with the fence, instead of a flowing current that can be quite dangerous, a pulse of current will pass through and deter the animal from taking any step further. The pulsed output accounts for 1.4 Joules.

Built-in Digital Performance Meter (Score: 4.5/5)

A key feature in most Parmak electric fencing supplies, the built-in digital performance monitor enables smart tracking and monitoring of voltage on your fences. Know how good – or bad – your fence’s condition is.

Rechargeable Battery (Score: 4.5/5)

 The solar-powered battery comes with 42% greater charging power, the rechargeable.  Moreover, the solar panels are highly efficient and energy absorbent. This means that the electric fence charger charges up to full power even on the cloudiest of days.  Once fully charged, it can be functional without any sunlight for 21 days. 

UL Listed (Score: 4/5)

The product meets all design, development, safety, and testing standards and is approved by the Underwriter Laboratories. The listing makes it one of the most reliable electrical fence chargers.

Three Level Testing (Score: 5/5)

This Parmak model of DF-SP-LI offers the exclusive feature of testing as soon as the device is first turned on. One can consider it as performance and safety measures.

The three-level testing is divided into meter operation test, battery charge level test, and the voltage output test.

The indicator lets you know of any short circuits from before – even as you set it up.

Product Specifications:

View on Amazon: Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar Pak 6

Type: Solar
Miles: 25
Battery: 6 volt included
Joules: 0.75-1.6+

  • Excellent for guarding gardens and small pieces of land.
  • Power up to 25 miles of fence with solar charging.
  • Low impedance allows for a better shock.
  • The voltage potential is as high as 7000V, enough to get rid of pigs.
  • Works well even with tape.
  • It comes really handy and saves the hassles of plugging in and finding electric points.
  • Not efficient enough for large pastures and farms.
  • Installation can be tricky. A good ground is a must, or else the charge produced is close to nothing.
  • Cannot stand even the slightest insulation in the fence.


 Parmak’s 6V 25 miles solar charger is efficient, safe, and excellent value for the money. 

This product should be your first choice if you are looking for:

  • A brand that has a legacy of over a century and lays its premise in precision.
  • A convenient electric charger to power long-ranged fences.
  • An emergency replacement battery-powered charger along with the solar one.
The bottom line is that Parkman’s DF-SP-LI 6V model is a hit for small to medium-sized lands and has longer mile ranges than most.

For any questions regarding the installation or functioning of this product, drop us a comment below, and we will be happy to help you out.

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