Parmak Super Energizer 5 Review

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Parmak Super Energizer 5 Low Impedance 110/120 Volt 50 Mile Range Electric Fence Controller SE5 review

An electric fence is an effective way to keep animals from crossing boundaries that can either harm your farm, plants, or other domesticated animals.

A good electric fence charger serves more purposes than one. It not only charges your fence but also monitors its performance and maintains a consistent flow of charge through your fence for as long as it works.  Above all, the power of a fence controller determines what kind of animals you will be able to control.  With the one reviewed below, you can free yourself from worries of the ruckus caused by animals like horses and even elephants.

Following is a detailed product review of Parmak’s SE5 electric fence controller.

Product Summary:

Overall Product Score: 4.5/5

This model of Parmak’s electric fence controller stands at the higher end of quality and delivery scales.

As the name suggests, Parmak’s super energizer delivers superpower to the fence, in precise technical terms. It is not only long-ranged but also powerful enough to keep large animals away.

Whether you are protecting a delicate flower bed amidst livestock, livestock amidst predators, or simply trying to prevent your livestock from escaping, this electric fence controller will do the job for you.

The color-coded fence and ground terminals also keep it simple. For instance, the red color can be at the top of the fence – denoting the danger and protecting the area from predators. The bottom part is black and safe – for livestock.

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Know more about this product through our complete analysis and review below.

Product Features:

This product is analyzed and the overall score is calculated based on the following main criteria:

Built-in Digital Performance Meter (Score: 4.5/5)

Parmak’s signature digital performance meter relays the charger and fence information in an analog format.  Its smart technology helps you monitor the voltage on the fence and its working conditions. 

Indoor Installation (Score: 4/5)

This electric fence controller by Parmak is AC operated. While most AC operated chargers have the restriction of being as close to the electric fence as possible, this product ensures efficiency ever remotely. The indoor installation feature not only increases the convenience of plugging in but also increases the life of the product.

With an indoor installation option and its ability to charge over 50 miles of fence, you have a clear winner.

Power Charging and Controlling (Score: 4/5)

This product delivers an output of several thousands of volts and 6.3 Joules of pulse shocks. Needless to say, your fence can serve as a mighty strong barrier between your land, livestock, and any foreign intruder.  The controller is further assisted by advanced internal computer-controlled circuitry.  In fact, some have been using their Parmak Controller for over ten years without any hiccups.

Fuse Protection (Score: 5/5)

Parmak’s fuse protection installed in this product is one to marvel at. If that still leaves you with a tiny bit of uncertainty, you also have fuse protection with built-in lightning arresters. This enables lightning arrest within the controller. In effect, it keeps your charger and fence safe from the risks of short circuits even during thunderstorms.

UL and cuL Listed (Score: 4/5)

Parmak’s products in all its entirety are developed and built in the US. The product is not only recognized to be of high standards by the Underwriter Laboratories in the US but also in Canada. It says a lot about its reliability.

Product Specifications:

View on Amazon: Parmak Super Energizer 5

Type: AC
Miles: 50
Battery: not included
Joules: 1.5-6.3+

  • It covers a far larger range than most electric fence chargers. It offers a capacity of 50 miles.
  • Excellent holding power of over 8000 volts.
  • Color-coded terminals for easier handling.
  • Good for single as well as multi-wired fences.
  • Holds up well in adverse conditions without shortcircuiting even during thunderstorms.
  • Unbelievably reasonable price for the power and potency of charging.
  • The case is not heavy-duty as the shell is made of plastic and not metal.
  • Might be useful only as long as the warranty lasts.
  • Performance and power deteriorate over time.


The product lives up to its name and packs a solid punch of charges.  It’s one of the most recommended electric fence chargers for larger and higher power requirements.  And you can get all this at a price point you wouldn’t mind as much.

This is your choice if you want your electric fence charger to be:

  • A high-ranking product from one of the most reputed brands in the electrical fences and accessories segment.
  • Capable of driving away all sizes of animals right from hence, geese, livestock, to predators.
  • Flexible enough to cover an expansive farm or land ranges.
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