Pet Zen Garden PZG Premium Artificial Grass Patch Review

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Pet Zen Garden Premium Artificial Grass Patch w/ Drainage Holes & Rubber Backing review

Pet Zen Garden is a brand of economic fake or synthetic grass that is made mainly for places with high activities. It can be used in various residential locations such as the yard, garden, or patio but this product is sold mostly as turf for your pet with prominent draining capabilities.

This fake grass is made by Pet Zen and it is marketed and distributed by both departmental stores as well as depos that sell home decoration tools.

The product is very limited when it comes to the application but it is rather a perfect fit for smaller spaces in your home or office.

Pet Zen artificial grass is sold for pet usage in mind due to the fact that it has drainage holes that rest on rubber backing which implements the process of waste removal.

Pet Zen Garden Premium Artificial Grass is also good and perfect for most users who have little ones or animals they keep around.

Due to its high-quality features, the turf is perfect for use at home. Other facts that make Pet Zen Garden Premium Artificial Grass amazing are that it is easy to set up and also very cheap. In addition, this fake grass doesn’t affect negatively if one comes in contact with it.

Product Features

The term ”zen garden” was created by the Japanese and it means creating a miniature type of landscapes and this carpet grass is sure a miniature landscape of a real one. Although it is fake, it still looks a bit real and it can last longer than the real one. Below, let’s look at some of the features of Pet Zen Garden Premium Artificial Grass.


When it comes to quality, most fake grass can’t beat this product from Zen Garden. The item looks very life-like! While most artificial grasses are made to be very light and very fake looking, the irony of the Pet Zen carpet grass is that it weighs enough and it feels extra-lush. Unfortunately, some users didn’t like what they bought, but most of the customers actually got what they wanted. So you don’t have to be skeptical about getting this product.

Draining Capacity

Made mainly for pets, this product does integrate drainage holes which are added against a durable rubber backing. Some users also claim that pets might start using Pet Zen Garden Premium Artificial Grass for their potty duties without even being instructed to do that. You can even make this a mat for the entrance to your dog’s kennel.

 Although the draining of this product is nearly accurate, it may retain some pee which results in the grass carpet having a foul smell.  Sample and constant maintenance can solve this issue.

Texture and Density

When it comes to realistic appearance, Pet Zen Garden Premium Artificial Grass looks great. Due to not thick grass blades, this turf is easy to set up and maintain. The cleaning process also does not take much time.

Because of its low density, the Pet Zen Garden artificial grass creates an impression of realness but we recommend that you shouldn’t really use it on larger areas of land.

Although some people still went through this and they still got the result they wanted, we advise that using an infill would help solve this issue.


Maintaining Pet Zen Garden Premium Artificial Grass is very easy. You don’t need to mow it, put any fertilizer, or trim them because they don’t grow. There are also holes that have been strategically placed to allow drainage in case your pet uses it for potty training. When it comes to Pet Zen garden fake grass,  all you need to do is just to use a vacuuming machine or you can as well wash it if it is not pinned or stepped down on the floor. You might also make use of a hose to splash water around it. 


The company claimed that the product through storm and rain, would prevail and no matter the pee your dog puts on this fake mat, it won’t fail. Well, it seems true but we would also say otherwise. The blades of the grass can be easily pulled out. We advise that you make use of this product mainly inside due to the fact that it is not fully protected for UV Rays. If kept and maintained well, this fake grass might last years for you.

Product Specifications

View on Amazon: Pet Zen Garden Premium Artificial Grass

Pile height: 1.6″
Sq. ft: 6.6-303.6
Weight, oz per square yard: 70
Backing: Rubber

  • It is very economical and cheap.
  • It can be easily purchased.
  • It is conveniently portable.
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • It is great for training your pets.
  • It is very restrictive in the application.
  • It is very small when it comes to size.


It is no doubt that the Pet Zen garden fake grass is one of the best and usable brands when it comes to synthetic turfs.  It gives users a lot of versatility.  Being a pet-friendly, highly drainable, and affordable option, it is one of the best choices which are both effective as well as enjoyable.

We recommend that you buy Pet Zen Garden Premium Artificial Grass if you want to give it to your pet but if you want to put it up over a large area of land, consider making extensive research or ordering a sample to see what you really want to put up.

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