Precision Products TCT25 Tow-Behind and Spot Sprayer Review

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Precision Products TCT25 Tow Behind and Spot Sprayer review

Tow-behind sprayers are now a great option to protect your crops or lawns. You can simply attach them behind your tractor or mowers and cover vast areas. However, not all tow-behind sprayers are made equal and often suit different purposes.

Today, we will see how the Precision TCT25 two-behind and spot sprayer meets our spraying needs. We will evaluate the top features and provide accurate scores for each. From pest maintenance to even spraying bushes and other plants, the TCT25 is powerful for it all.

Our Precision sprayer review takes a look at whether this one’s the right tow-behind and spot sprayer for you.

Product Summary:

Overall Product Score: 4/5

The TCT25 is your perfect companion for all your spraying needs.

The sprayer fits any mower or tractor easily to offer a 7-feet coverage.

It comes with two sprayers to ensure not even a single blade of grass or weed is missed. Precision Products also provides a spot sprayer when you need to focus on specific areas or trees.

The tow-behind sprayer is really stable and sits on a durable frame. The large wheels ensure you get even coverage, no matter if you are driving on bumpy grounds.  The tank is super large and holds your chemicals for numerous spraying cycles. 

TCT25 is a quality sprayer for people who want simplicity and convenience.

Product Features:

What makes Precision Products sprayer stand apart from the rest?

Powerful Pump (Score 4/5)

 The TCT25 provides up to 60 PSI and pumps 1.8-gallons of fluid per minute.  You can hook the sprayer with any 12V battery and easily cover vast areas. The pressure gauge on the pump is also a convenient way to monitor your pressure levels. You can also buy different sprayer nozzles as you need.

Additionally, the steel body of the pump protects it from rust. Now, while it does have a decent wand pressure, don’t expect to spray larger trees as it will be difficult to reach the crowns.

Wide Spray Area (Score 3.8/5)

You can cover an area of 7-feet with the two tow-behind sprayers.

A single lap around your lawn with the TCT25 is enough to spray all your weeds or crops.

This means you can reduce your work and save time to catch a glass of beer!

Precision Products also provides a hand wand for all your spot-spraying jobs. However, don’t expect to spray trees that are over 15-feet in height. With a near 15-inches hose length, it’s suitable for residential needs.

Durable Built (Score 4/5)

The TCT25 is a sturdy sprayer. Starting with the pump, all components are made to last. You can use the sprayer even in harsh conditions without worry. Left the pump out during the winters? Don’t worry. Just leave it out under the sun for an hour, and you should be able to turn it on.

Additionally, the sprayer comes mounted on a frame for extra durability.  The tank also features a robust material to suit strong pesticides and chemicals. 

Easy to Maintain (Score4/5)

You can easily refill and clean the tank with conveniently-placed filling and drain plugs. If you want to change your sprayers, you can also do that without any difficulty.

The TCT25 is a breeze to maintain and won’t take up your time.

Product Specifications:

View on Amazon: Precision Products TCT25 Tow-Behind and Spot Sprayer

Tank capacity (gallon): 25
Operating pressure (PSI): 60
Hose length (FT): 15
Voltage (V): 12
Consumption (GPM): 1.8

  • 10-inch pneumatic wheels for great stability
  • Comes fully-assembled to save time and effort
  • Durable battery clamps for years of use
  • 25-gallon tank to hold large amounts of fluids
  • Wide coverage makes spraying jobs really easy
  • Anti-vibration pads under the pump for a silent operation
  • Filter on the inlet to remove impurities
  • No way to control the pressure of the pump
  • Not very easy to find replacement parts
  • Spraying hose is not very long


Precision Products TCT25 is a capable tow-behind sprayer for your farm or home. You can cover wide areas with two sprayers and get your job done in less time. The powerful pump and large tank ensure professional results while ensuring you save on refills.  Mounted on a durable frame, you can use the sprayer in varied conditions around the year. 

The TCT25 wins our recommendation and will provide you with guaranteed satisfaction. You will be another happy customer with an industry-grade sprayer at an affordable cost. If you want something less, you can also go for the TCT15, which comes with a 15-gallon capacity.
Do you have experience with the TCT25? Tell us to help our readers out.

If you’re still wondering, we say give Precision Products a try. You may never need to look back again!

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