TetraPond Clear Choice Biofilter PF-1 For Efficient Filtration

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TetraPond Clear Choice Biofilter PF-1 For Efficient Filtration

Choosing the right filter can make a world of difference for your ponds. Even the best pumps will fail if their filters aren’t good. That’s why we’re looking at TetraPond’s biofilter for 1,200-gallon ponds.

We’ll evaluate its features, pros, and cons. That way, you’ll be able to tell whether or not it’s right for you.

Product Summary:

TetraPond’s Clear Choice filter is effective for ponds up to 1,200 gallons.  It works with any system allowing for 1.25 drain fittings.  Plus, the pond biological filter is easy to access for maintenance. The latter also takes very little time.

It comes with pre-filter mechanical sponges. They’re great for suspended particles that mess with the water’s clarity.

It combines the sponge with bio rings for better performance.

These rings provide an optimal surface area for good bacteria. They also work with the internal flow to disperse water evenly.

Product Features: 4.75/5

Easy maintenance – 5/5

You don’t need to worry about frequent or lengthy maintenance. There’s only a couple of filters and bio rings. The filter pads only need yearly replacements and occasional washing. Washing is more than enough for the rings—no replacement is necessary. It features accessibility outside of the pond, too.

Bio rings’ versatility – 5/5

The bio rings are a great addition to the filter pads. Firstly, they’re responsible for bacterial growth. Good aerobic bacteria can adhere to their surface and multiply. Additionally, they play a vital role in the inner system. Both the internal spray and trickle flow systems use these rings. Combined, they enable slow and even water dispersion. That’s key to keep the pond flat and calm.

High capacity – 5/5

 The 1,200 gallons capacity ensures it can work for almost every garden pond.  Most domestic ponds and pumps. Even larger ponds can make do with few of these filters. Pond size can change the necessary maintenance frequency.

Good bacteria growth – 4/5

The bio rings provide all the surface needed for bacterial growth. These organisms are vital to ensure the pond functions like it would in the wild. That doesn’t mean it’ll look dirty, though. There’s one important consideration in this regard, though. It’ll require users to purchase real bacteria for the pond.

Product Specifications:

View on Amazon: TetraPond Clear Choice Biofilter PF-1

Pond size (Gallons): Up to 1200
Flow rate (GPH): 325 to 550
UV Clarifier: No
Filtration stages: Biological and mechanical

  • Straightforward design
    It’s a compact filter with a few components. It only uses two filter pads as well as the bio rings. That means taking it apart is seamless. Replacing or washing the filter components takes minutes as a result. Additionally, it comes with its own fitting for easier connections.
  • Minimal maintenance
    With few components, TetraPond’s biofilters require minimal maintenance efforts. Taking the filter apart takes a few minutes at most. The filter pads require periodical washing and yearly replacement. Washing is enough for the bio rings.
  • High effectiveness
    These filters are excellent to keep your ponds clean and attractive. They can handle almost all domestic pond sizes. Even with constant use, they met our expectations. Even large ponds require little washing for the filters. Using several of them further boosts their benefits.
  • Good pricing
    The filters are affordable and provide amazing durability. They can last for years as long as you replace the filter pads. It might be a significant investment for some. That said, it’s important to note that it’s a worthwhile investment. Buying several for larger ponds isn’t difficult.
  • Good surface area
    The surface area is as good for bacteria as it is for filtering. We’d argue it’s one of its main selling points. It far outshines its competitors with its massive dimensions. It might make it uncomfortable for smaller ponds. Yet, that should be rare.
  • Filter only
    It’s not uncommon to buy filters only. After all, they require replacements now and then. However, first-time buyers might prefer a complete kit. These kits provide a more affordable solution. Once the initial filter dies out, TetraPond’s biofilters are a great upgrade. If you already have a filtration system, it shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Extra investment necessary
    The issue with buying only filters without a filtration system in place is cost-efficiency. TetraPond’s biofilters become a better upgrade or replacement than the initial investment. That said, some people prefer to buy everything separately. If that’s your case, these are a great investment.


 TetraPond Clear Choice filters come as some of the most modern biofilters today.  They integrate several features we’d like to see more often. That adds to their wide area coverage and huge surface area. With minimal maintenance needs, they make up one of the best options in the market.

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