10 Best Paver Sealers – [Reviews & Guide 2021]

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Our Choice
Endura Seal 100% Acrylic Wet Look Semi-Gloss Concrete Sealer Solvent Base
This Acrylic Sealer from EnduraSeal is one that gives users the best result with a professional finish. It has a non-yellowing technology, it is extremely glossy and durable providing the best protection one can ever get when coating their tiles, pavers, and stained concrete.
Our Top Picks
Black Diamond Stoneworks Color Enhancer Sealer – “The Black Diamond Stoneworks sealer is one of the best enhanced sealers you can purchase. Its primary purpose is to seal and help you restore the color of your pavers. It is easy to apply and it penetrates very deep into the concrete protecting it from moisture and chemicals.”
Black Diamond Stoneworks Wet Look Stone Sealer – “Made by Black Diamond Stoneworks, this wet look sealer is one of the best paver sealers in the market. It gives a glossy finish and it can be applied with either brush or spray. It won’t darken the surface of your pavers and it is resistant to harmful chemicals too.”

Best Paver Sealer – Buyer’s Guide

You will often find that it takes quite a lot of energy, time, cost as well as scope in order to construct a walkway with pavers. A lot of investment goes into the making of paver walkways. Thus, it is only normal that you would want to make sure that it is completely protected using the best paver sealer. You will also have to make sure that the paver is able to retail both its beauty as well as its resiliency for many more years to come. For this exact purpose, you will be in dire need of a sealer. These products seal themselves to the stonework with strong chemical bonds and thus provide the required protection.

EnduraSeal 100% Acrylic Sealer(Editor's Choice)150-300SolventSemi GlossYes Check Price
Black Diamond Stoneworks Color Enhancer Sealer100-400WaterGlossYesCheck Price
Black Diamond Stoneworks Wet Look Stone Sealer500WaterGlossYesCheck Price
Foundation Armor AR500up to 500SolventHigh GlossYes Check Price
Foundation Armor SX5000125-300SolventMatteYesCheck Price
SuperSeal 2000 by Concrete Coatings150-200AcrylicMatteYesCheck Price
DryWay Water-Repellent Concrete Sealer70-200Alcohol or solventMatteNoCheck Price
DOMINATOR LG+ Low Gloss Paver Sealerup to 400SolventLow GlossYesCheck Price
MasonryDefender Penetrating Concrete Sealer90-150WaterNon-glossyNoCheck Price
Eagle Sealer EPS5 Clear Paver Sealer100-300SolventGlossYesCheck Price

1. EnduraSeal 100% Acrylic Sealer – Best For a Wet Look

Endura Seal 100% Acrylic Wet Look Semi-Gloss Concrete Sealer Solvent Base review

 This particular product is purely made of acrylic  and thus acts as quite the top-quality best paver sealer for the solvent. The formula used for the making of the product is of non-yellow and thus prevents the surface from yellowing. The EnduraSeal 100% Acrylic Sealer in 5-gallon portions, and if used per the instructions, it will work wonders as a sealer as well as an enhancer.

This product will make your floors or your pavers extremely attractive and good as new. It penetrates to the deeper levels and works from there. Thus, the sealing process is extremely good and hard. Once it dries up, the finish it gives will range from semi-glossy to glossy.

Also, since it is made up of 100% of acrylic, it will not react in any way to harmful chemicals.
  • The product gives professional finishing.
  • The coating is extremely durable with a semi-glossy to a glossy finishing.
  • The formula used to make it has a non-yellowing technology. As a result, the paver will never become yellow.
  • Provides excellent protection to stone, tiles, stained concrete, and pavers.
  • The joints of the pavers are extremely stabilized and sealed completely with this product.
  • There is no weird odor, and it dries fast in a professional manner.
  • Is not able to retain its shine for a long time.
  • Application of the sealer is not at all easy. Following the instructions carefully is mandatory for the work to be professional.

Author's Opinion

This EnduraSeal sealer is the best for a wet look. It is made from purely acrylic making it one of the best quality sealers found in the market. I love the anti-yellow technology implemented in this chemical product. This makes your pavement to be free of yellowish stains and helps beautify it. I would say this product gives your project a professional finish it dries much faster than most paver sealers. I totally recommend this product.

2. Black Diamond Stoneworks Color Enhancer Sealer – Best For Paver Driveway

Black Diamond Stoneworks Colour Enhancer Sealer for All-Natural Stone and Pavers review

This is one sealer product that makes sure to  highlight as well darken the natural character and beauty of surfaces that are unsealed . It is also really great at the rejuvenation of the color thus resulting in an improvement of the surfaces that are weathered.

The product is extremely easy to apply, and the maintenance of the pout is also easy. It will last you for a long period of time and is best for the purpose of using it both on the interior side as well as on the exterior side. The Black Diamond Sealer is quite the value for money because of its long-lasting feature and also because of the fact that it lets the transmission of the vapor.

The product has been manufactured in the USA.
  • Quite the product for the purpose of cleaning and enhancing of color.
  • The natural color of your pavers and your natural stone will become more enhanced and brighter. They will look as good as new.
  • The product penetrates quite deeply into the surface made of hard stone and does the job of enhancing from there.
  • It easily keeps the stones in their best condition.
  • Application is without any hassle and is easy.
  • The product is quite the enhancer, but it is not as good as a sealer.
  • Many coats required to be a good enhancer.

Author's Opinion

I recommend this product as the best for your paver stones in the driveway. It is very easy to apply and there is no much hassle when it comes to re-application. The Colour Enhancer Sealer just as the name indicates enhances and brightens the natural color of the stones in your driveway. The sealer also does a great job when it comes to penetration coating. It tends to cover and tightly seal the paver penetration deep and protecting it from stains. However, this product is rather an enhancer, not a good sealer. It would require much more coating to get the desired protection. This means you have to buy extra in case more is needed during the coating process.

Knowledge Block
Knowledge Block
How to remove a paver sealer?
Start by applying the paint stripper to a section 4×4 ft in a generous layer. You can make use of a spray pump to do this. When that is done, wait for at least 3 minutes so it can sit in and waiting gives the chemicals time to break down the sealer. Wipe off the dissolved sealer from your pavers using a cloth or a rag. Using a hose, you can rinse out the rest of the paint stripper then let it sit for one hour to dry. Check your pavers for any physical signs of the sealer. If the sealer has not been properly removed, repeat the same process again.

3. Black Diamond Stoneworks Wet Look Stone Sealer – Best For Paver Stones

Black Diamond Stoneworks Wet Look Natural Stone Sealer review

This particular sealer product gives a glossy finish and works on surfaces that are exposed and are stamped, aggregate, decorative, or colored.  It is manufactured and produced in the United States. 

This paver sealer comes in different sizes and varieties. It can be applied either with a spray or rolled on concrete using a roller. There is no odor released by this product, and the result that you will get from the sealer is extremely professional. The maintenance of the product is not at all difficult.

 It is not recommended for granite or polished marble. 
  • The sealer product gives a glossy finish.
  • You can either brush it, spray it, or roll it over the concrete, the driveways, the floors of the garage or any other place.
  • It will not darken the surface over which it has been sprayed.
  • It also provides resistance to harmful chemicals.
  • Maintenance of the product is extremely easy. The result you will get from it is also professional.
  • The biggest con of the sealer product is that it cannot be used on polished stone.
  • It does not provide you with a wet look.
  • Could have a shinier effect.

Author's Opinion

Having a glossy finish, this sealer is best used for paver stones. It is manufactured in the united states by a reputable company in the area of chemicals and looking at the reviews, it does a very good job of maintaining their reputation. We noticed this sealer to be odorless hence application is made easy and no irritation is gotten from the smell. It can be applied in different ways whichever is convenient for you. The only bad thing about this sealer is that it cannot be used on polished stones.

4. 5-GAL Armor AR500 – Best For Paver Bricks

5-GAL Armor AR500 High Gloss Solvent Based Acrylic Concrete Sealer and Paver Sealer review

The solvent is breathable, and the solids are extremely penetrating. The Armor AR500 is made up of acrylic, which makes the bonding extremely unmatched and strong. Also, it extremely long-lasting and durable. The product comes in 5-gallon amounts. The sealer is able to penetrate deep into the concrete and paver, reaching the pores in order to start the process of bonding the concrete and making it durable.

Faded surfaces are quickly enhanced. The finish of the product is extremely glossy. Since it is resistant to harmful ultraviolet rays, you can also apply the product to both interior surfaces as well as exterior surfaces. However,  the product is made up of acrylic, and it is also important that you apply it on a surface for the purpose of testing it before applying it finally . You need to check the compatibility.

The 5 gallons capacity of the product will be able to cover 500 square feet including two coats.
  • The product can be applied with a sprayer or a roller and it is breathable.
  • Resistant to UV rays.
  • Quality is superior and it is a powerful enhancer.
  • Lasts from 2 to 5 years.
  • Rolling the product makes to more durable compared to the sprayer.
  • The application is not very easy and quite tricky.

Author's Opinion

Also made up of acrylic, this product is breathable and the chemicals are extremely penetrating. We noticed that this product lasts very well and it is very glossy in it's finishing. The 5-GAL Armor AR500 was also tested to be resistant to ultraviolet rays provided by the sun. A full product package can be able to provide you with two coatings on a 500 Square feet surface. I totally recommend this product in as much as the product application is not very quiet easy.

Knowledge Block
Knowledge Block
What tools do you need to apply for a paver sealer?
A large roller or brush may be convenient for this type of operation. Concrete and pavers sealers that are made to be very watery, thin, or solvent-based can be applied using just a pump sprayer such as the Lvation Electric or the Chaplin Heavy-Duty Sprayer. Types and textures of sealer determine the mode of application.

5. 5-Gal. Armor SX5000™ – Best For Concrete Coatings

5-Gal. SX5000™ Penetrating Clear Solvent-Based Silone-Siloxane Concrete & Masonry Sealer review

The next product from the paver sealer review is the 5-Gal. SX5000™ Penetrating Clear Solvent-Based Silone-Siloxane Concrete & Masonry Sealer, Water Repellent, Salt Guard weighs about 38 pounds and has a product dimension of about height 12 inches, length 15 inches, and width 15 inches.

 The color of the product is clear , and it is about 5 gallons. The product has been approved by the Department of Transportation for use as a solvent. The sealer is made up of Silone-Siloxane. It is also water repellent. The penetration of the product is quite deep, and the degree of bonding to products is chemically strong. This is exactly why the product provides service that is extremely long-lasting and durable.

There is also a great amount of repelling against any kind of staining or deterioration due to the absorption of the water. It will not produce any kind of coating.
  • The product is quite resistant to the cracks, spalling, straining, and efflorescence.
  • The product does not allow any intrusion of water and thus prevents water absorption through the concrete.
  • It reduces the formation of mildew and mild.
  • The penetration is quite deep, which contributes to its durability.
  • Also, it is quite the enhancer apart from being a sealer.
  • Applying the product is quite tricky.
  • The price of the product is on the higher side.

Author's Opinion

We found out that most people love this product because of its clear finish. This paver sealer can be used as a sealed and also an enhancer. Using this sealer will protect your concrete coatings from stains resisting straining, cracking, and inflorescence. It is also waterproof and that gives users more reason to purchase it. We also noticed that this product turns out to last long and the durability comes from the ability to penetrate. I totally recommend this product mostly for concrete coatings.

6. Concrete Coatings SuperSeal 2000 – Best For Concrete Driveway

SuperSeal 2000 by Concrete Coatings review

The final product from the paver sealer reviews is the Super Seal 2000 by Concrete Coatings. This is quite a professional product. It is composed of acrylic and gives a wet and matte kind of look. But it will do wonders as a sealer with all your concrete made stuff such as the pavement and the floors. Also,  it is quite the enhancer , and thus upon applying several coatings of it, everything will look as good as new. You can use the project in the form of a sprayer as well as a roller. Also, you can use it both on the interior as well as the exterior surfaces. Enhances the color to a professional degree on both these surfaces.

  • The product has a matte kind of finish.
  • Due to the presence of acrylic in the product, it is quite durable.
  • Because of its non-yellowing formula, your surfaces and floors will not become yellow.
  • The smell of the sealer is quite pungent.
  • Takes a lot of time to dry.
  • Is expensive.

Author's Opinion

Just as we started in the description, this product is clearly made for professional use. It is also made up of acrylic and it has a matte wet finish. Due to the presence of the acrylic in the chemical, we found out it was quite durable to be a good sealer. It also has a non-yellowing formula which helps make your pavement to resist stains. The review about this product is not A1 but it is quite impressive and suitable for most pavements. The negatives about this sealer are mostly the cost. Others can include the long time it takes to completely dry and the odor the chemical gives off, apart from that, this is a good paver sealer and I recommend it.

7. RadonSeal DryWay Water-Repellent Concrete Sealer – Best For Pool Deck

RadonSeal DryWay Water-Repellent Concrete Sealer review

Perfect for external surfaces, the RadonSeal DryWay will protect your masonry and concrete over a long period of time. This product forms a coating which is ½-inch deep that acts as a barrier against water, molds, spills, oil, etc. The DryWay resists heat and it can also survive sunlight, UV rays, and oxidation. When patients use this product, water and other forms of liquids can be easily cleaned from the surface without any effort.  The over sealer is measured in a 5-gallon bucket and this amount can cover up to 1000 Square feet of untreated concrete.  Other forms of surfaces may require more to coat it properly.

We always like guarantees with the products we list out that is why the company RadonSeal issued a 10-year satisfaction guaranteed satisfaction. The paver sealer is safe, it is a deep penetrating sealant that is 100% safe and breathable.  This product, however, does not change the appearance of your product and it won't leave a sheen mark.  It doesn't yellow over time and it is also the best protection against mildew and mold as well as salt.

  • It is water-resistant.
  • It is resistant to UV light.
  • There won't be a change of appearance but a long-lasting coating against elements.
  • It has a warranty for about 10 years.
  • Improper application can lead to cloudy spots.

Author's Opinion

We found out that once users treat concrete surfaces with this RadonSeal product, any liquid that comes in contact with the surface it is being applied on will just roll over. This paver sealer is resistant to UV light and heat and it can last for a really long period of time.

8. DOMINATOR 5 Gallon DOMINATOR LG+ Wet Look – Best With Color

DOMINATOR 5 Gallon DOMINATOR LG+ Wet Look review

With the DOMINATOR 5, users can give themselves the gift of a very outstanding curb appeal.  This product gives off low sheen, restores faded colors and it also improves the durability of your decorative concrete or pavers.  This paver sealer is also safe, it forms a breathable film that protects your paver against mold, oil, stains, and mildew while also giving your paver the ability to resist ultraviolet rays. It also has a low potential when compared to most paver sealers. When used, this product provides color enhancement and an ultimate shine formula while also being eco-conscious and solvent-free. You can breathe while applying because there is no foul odor and this feature makes it very easy to clean up.

When users buy this product, their money is being utilized with an amazing coverage rate of up to 400 Square feet per gallon. This means that this product can be able to cover 2000 Square feet in total and it would take up to 5 years for you to refill it.

This, in turn, reduces time spent and also money by reducing maintenance when you use this paver sealer. Sealing is very fast and the product also has a fast drying time.

  • It is waterproof.
  • It has a fast drying time.
  • It is low in odor with no or low VOC.
  • It is very easy to apply.
  • It can cover up to 400 sq. ft. Per gallon.
  • It is a bit pricey.

Author's Opinion

The best part about this DOMINATOR product is that it is very easy to apply. Users can apply this paver sealer using a simple tool such as a garden sprayer. The initial application may look whitish but when dried, it creates a beautiful breathable coating that becomes transparent. I totally recommend this product.

9. MasonryDefender 2.5 Gallon Penetrating Concrete Sealer – Best With Sand

MasonryDefender 2.5 Gallon Penetrating Concrete Sealer review

This MasonryDefender is one of the best water-based paver sealers on the market. When users buy this product, it comes out of chalky white which makes it easy for them to keep track of where they have applied it. When it dries, it comes out clear but it gives your paver this wet look while also restoring the color too. This product does not also yellow over a period of time so users don't have to be keen about the coating degrading in the sunlight as time goes on.  One thing we love about this paver sealer is the satin look it gives off. This improves the color and also your paver view during the night. 

When applied correctly and adequately, this product stabilizes joint sand so users don't have to bother about sand moving when it is raining. This prevents unnecessary clean up so they don't have to stress themselves anytime it rains. This paver sealer is also cheap compared to most on this list and it actually gives you value for your money.  One thing we didn't like about this product is the application. It isn't easy to apply and you have to follow instructions very well to get your desired result. 

  • It stabilizes joint sand.
  • It is waterproof.
  • It gives off a satin-wet look.
  • It is a water-based paver sealer with no VOC.
  • It enhances color and resists UV lights.
  • The application process is a bit difficult.

Author's Opinion

This paver sealer from MasonryDefender is not the easiest to apply and to get your desired result, you have to follow instructions well. However, if you are looking for a product that would save you a lot of money, you can go for this paver sealer.

10. Eagle Sealer EPS5 Clear Paver Sealer – Best For Patio

Eagle Sealer EPS5 Clear Paver Sealer review

Made in the United States, the Eagle Sealer comes in a 5-gallon and it is made up of pure acrylic. It is perfect for coating your paver surface from spills, oils, water, discoloration, salt, and other liquids. This paver sealer contains a solvent that is best used as an adhesive on paver surfaces. If users want to re-seal or self-prime easily, this is the ideal product for that. It also displays tangible non-yellowing characteristics and is also resistant to Ultraviolet rays. The company has a long reputation for producing a variety of regular and decorative concrete products.  This eagle sealer can be used by both professional contractors and individuals who handle DIY projects in their homes.  It can be applied using just a brush or roller.

Most professionals advise that users should apply at least two coats to get the best result. Users should be careful about porous surfaces because they need extra attention and care compared to non-porous surfaces. It is also advised that each coating should be applied at a 6 hours interval.  To make sure you get the right finish, use this paver sealer on a dry and clean surface. 

  • It is very cheap.
  • It has a short curing time.
  • It gives users this consistent gloss.
  • It needs more refilling than any other product.
  • It is restrictive based on some state’s ecological standards.

Author's Opinion

The best part about this Eagle Sealer is its affordability. A similar type of product that measures 5 gallons is twice costly while providing the same output. The solvent-based consistency of this paver sealer allows it to work better than most of its latex-based companions. I do recommend it.

Buyer’s Guide

A Paver Sealer is a fluid substance that is mainly used to protect the brick concrete surfaces from staining, corrosion, or damaging. Paver stone sealers are also used to apply on other surfaces such as slate, travertine, limestone, bricks, grout, slate, and many others.

These solvents contain special formulas that prevent the surface of the bricks from turning yellowish. Another advantage associated with the paver sealer is that it can be great at keeping peelings and cracks away from the applied surface.

Paver sealers are also resistant to slimy mold and sturdy algae.

You should definitely go through a buyer’s guide before deciding to buy an enhancer. All the enhancers have pros and cons, and each has their unique set of features. By reading different buyer’s guides, you will get an idea about the type of product that will be most suitable for you.

Know your Paving Type

Best Paver Sealer – Buyer’s Guide

The third thing we are going to look at in our buying guide is the importance of knowing your paving material type. Paver sealer comes in different varieties and formulations that are designed or produced for a particular type of paving material. Let’s consider a poured concrete for instance. Poured concrete is one of the most common styles of paving especially for workshops or garages.

Since pavers are designed for mostly workshops, patios, or garages, it is very common for the surface or the floor to be exposed to various types of staining such as engine oil spillage. This means you will want to go with sealers which are made exceptionally for concrete to prevent or repel stains from the surface.  Picking out a Paver Sealer which is not compatible with your paving material will give you a result which you would regret after the work is done.  If you do not know which material your paving stones or concretes are, consider asking a licensed professional to cross-check the type of materials that were used in the first place. Now let's look into the different types of paving materials you would come across.

What are they made of?

Paving stones can be made of a number of different materials that can be found anywhere. According to your personal needs, you can choose the material which is most suitable for you considering the appearance and level of maintenance.  There are two main categories in which paver stones fall under – manufacturer and natural stones.  Most of the types of paver stones fall in both categories.

Concrete PavingConcrete – This is the most common type of material used in producing paver stones. They are mostly manufactured in factories and they are made to be durable resisting any type of climate or weather changes.

Rubber PavingRubber – Made to be a greener alternative, most paver stones are now made of rubber. It is mostly gotten from tires which makes recycling easier. They are not really popular but they hold countless benefits.

Brick PavingBrick – Brick is the second most used material after concrete. They act as another option when it comes to making paver stones. Apart from being aesthetically appealing, brick packs so much durability and versatility.

Limestone PavingLimestone – Normally available in three colors, limestone is another alternative material used in the production of paver stones. It is perfect for warm regions and this material can bring a lively appearance to a shady area.

Gravel PavingGravel – The gravel as a material used in paver stone gives off a soft amazing appearance. Gravels are dissolved stones in the form of pallets that can be used for various purposes. We recommend this material be used only in places having rigid edges.

Tile PavingTile – This is one of the costliest types of paver stones which if you want to install, you have to be ready for it. Maintenance and sealing can cost more for this material than other materials. However, tiles are perfect for warm climates.

Types of Paver Sealers

Solvent-Based Paver Sealer

Solvent-Based Paver SealerConsisting of over 40% active material, the solvent-based paver sealer creates a continuous firm which protects the pavers from stains and UV light. This paver sealer reduces pitting and cracking as well as the durability of the pacer stones.

  • They are perfect for outdoor applications.
  • They perform better than water-based sealers when it comes to color enhancement.
  • They give the surface a wet dark look which is preferred by most users.
  • They are easy to reapply and repost unlike water-based that need to be sanded before reapplication.
  • They mostly have a foul odor.

Water-Based Paver Sealer

Water-Based Paver SealerWater-based paver sealers are mostly used for one thing – to restore and highlight the color of the paver stones. They won't change the color of your stones and this type of sealers do not give a glossy or wet finish. It is also a good waterproof product.

  • They don’t release harmful odor to the atmosphere.
  • They are safer to work with.
  • It is cheap compared to most types of sealers.
  • It is more durable and users won’t experience the trouble of bubbling/roller marks.
  • They don’t give off the darkening effect most users may want.
  • It cannot survive in low temperatures and they often freeze when temperatures go below 50 degrees.

Acrylics Paver Sealer

Acrylics Paver SealerAcrylics paver sealer is also a good waterproof product. It forms a thin-like coating that helps prevent the absorption of water. When applied, there is no chemical reaction between the surface and the sealer, therefore, it tends to wear off very fast. This type of sealer is very good for poolsides due to its waterproof features.

  • They are the most preferred type of sealers.
  • They don’t cost much compared to other types of sealants.
  • Their application is very quick and simple.
  • They can be applied immediately after you finish building your concrete.
  • They have remarkable UV resistant properties.
  • They act well against moisture, chemical spill, and de-icing salt.
  • It doesn’t allow anything to slip through the cracks.
  • They can be used in both indoor and outdoor activities.
  • It takes a shorter time for this type of sealer to dry.
  • They help in color enhancement regardless of the type of concrete.
  • They are not very durable, the liquid is thin meaning it would wear away faster.
  • You need to constantly recapture this sealer from time to time.
  • With time, they might turn yellow unless you use a sealer with anti-yellowing properties.

Breathable Paver Sealers

Breathable Paver SealersThe breathable paver sealer is not just a coating but something much more. It protects the paver stones without altering its appearance. This sealer reacts with the paver stones and therefore penetrates deeply into the surface. Once it is being used, you wouldn’t even notice there is a coating that is being applied.

  • They are absorbed into the concrete to prevent debris and moisture from getting into the concrete while also allowing vapor to escape from inside the surface.
  • They don’t change the appearance of the concrete but they provide invisible protections while keeping its original look.
  • They can be used on raw concrete surfaces.
  • It protects against UV rays as well as weather and high temperatures.
  • It is preferable for outdoor use in places such as walkways, pavers, and driveways.
  • They contain advanced formulae that can protect your driveways from chemicals and moisture.
  • It is very durable and it doesn’t give off a glossy film finish.
  • This type of sealer is only convenient for outdoor use.
  • If this type of cost is exposed to water before drying, it may start to foam or bubble.

Wet Look and Gloss Look Paver Sealers

Wet Look and Gloss Look Paver SealersAccording to your taste, you can decide to choose the appearance your paver stones take. You can either choose an exterior with an extra shine or just a normal wet look which is very appealing to the eyes.

Wet Look Paver Sealers

They tend to darken and make paver stones have a wet look. Wet look paver sealers also add extra durability and strength to your paving stones. The reason is that this sealer is made up of a solvent-based formula that reacts with the surface and enhances its functions.

Gloss Look Paver Sealers

This type of paver sealer has a high percentage of acrylic which gives it an extreme shiny look. The more the acrylic content, the glossy your paver stones will look so the more solids on this sealer, the better the gloss.

How Much Paver Sealer is Needed?

Getting to know the exact quantity or amount of sealer fluid needed is the hardest part when it comes to the purchasing process. Before you decide on the amount to buy, you should start by calculating the square feet of the total paving area.  Most areas of application are rectangular or square-shaped making it easy for anyone to calculate the total paving area.  You can do this by multiplying the length of the area and the width together. The solution is the square foot which you can use when purchasing the sealer.

When you have gotten the value of the square foot of the area, you need to now focus on the instructions given on the product. On each of the product’s cover, you will see the required area that the package will cover.  Another thing you would look out for is that most sealers recommend that pavers be coated at least twice to get the best results.  This will increase the amount required to undergo the sealing process twice or three times. To be on the safe side, you should always buy an extra sealer to make sure that you have enough for the project.

What to look out for when choosing a Paver Sealer

Best Paver Sealer – Buyer’s Guide

This involves purely cosmetic concern and therefore it will not affect the functional capabilities of the sealer no matter the finish chosen. Now that we have cleared that, most concrete surfaces which require sealing involves a significant investment. This includes effort, money, and time but generally, it means the concrete will have a nice look.

However, there is no “ultimate finish” instead it is a matter of personal taste. if you want a glossy and sleek look, you can go with a high gloss finish. If you want to take it down a notch but you want something that still shines, you might consider going for the semi-gloss finish.  Not also forgetting, matte finishes tend to give off a natural look without reflecting light making the colored rich and vibrant to the eye. 


Your paver sealer acts as quite the enhancer of the surface. It gives a wet and glossy look. But even though it gives a wet look, it is important that the feel is not slippery. Slippery surfaces are a big no-no since they are dangerous and can be responsible for small accidents.  Thus, make sure that your paver sealer is a non-slip one .

Always try to compare paver sealers that have similar features but in the case of getting a paver sealer, you can't afford to be cheap.  The appearance and durability of paver sealers are features that are way too important and you don't want to purchase a sealer which would wear away in months.  Cost plays a very important role and most times, the higher the price of the product, the more you can get from it.

Life Expectancy
No matter how you try to maintain a paver sealer and it's exposure condition, the life expectancy may just last a few years. Epoxies and urethanes are known to have the longest-lasting performance before re-application is required. You can also as well get a warranty from manufacturers and companies which will back up their company’s reputation.

Products that are made of acrylic and are water repellent are usually more durable. You can definitely use these products as they will last longer and bring about quite the enhancement to your surfaces. You will not have to reapply them frequently.

Drying Time
If you have a sealing project in which you want it to be completed very quickly, you will need a sealer that can be re-coated in a short period of time and also can be opened for use very quickly after sealing.

Acrylic sealers are the fastest in drying, depending on the air temperature, humidity, and weather conditions, it can take about 12 hours before a new coating can be reapplied.

Polyurethane and epoxies take longer to dry, a minimum of 24 hours or a day.


 The deeper the penetration, the better the product is . It will be able to reach the cracks and deeper levels and repair them. Thus, read the paver sealer reviews and make sure that your product is penetrating deep. The more the penetration, the better as a sealer it acts.


The best paver sealer you go for should also be  a good substrate sealer . It should seal very well all the substrates within your surface for the product to be a quality one.


How Does Paver Sealer Work?
A Paver sealer is an important maintenance product which helps users to keep walkways, paver patios, pool decks, and driveways looking as beautiful as they were when first installed. Sealing will make your pavers look glossy with a shiny finish. The Paver Sealer blocks harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun preventing the colors of the paving stones from fading. This helps make the pavers stand out from the ordinary ones. The paver sealer also works by preventing weeds and other unwanted plants to grow from the little spaces made by the joint of the paving stone.
When to Apply the Paver Sealer?
When it comes to a non-film-forming Paver Sealer, it is advisable to wait at least a week before applying it. If you are using a film-forming paver sealer, it is best to wait up to 30 days to avoid trapping moisture or water under the protective coating.
Can Paver Sealer Be Tinted?
Yes, it can be Tinted. Users can have the option of adding tint as well as color to the sealer. This makes it possible for them to seal and add color to the pavers or concrete at the same time. Some tinted paver dealers can form a film-like paint on the outer surface which would generally mask the natural beauty of the surface it was applied on, just so you are aware.
How Long Does Paver Sealer Last?
When using a paver sealer, it is very much important to know how long it lasts or how long it takes for the previously paver sealer applied to wear away. If you are using an acrylic sealer, it is best to know that it lasts for just two years while when you are using a water-based paver sealer, it just lasts about 3 years. Acrylic sealers should reseal every 2-3 years while water-based paver sealers should be reapplied every 3-5 years.
How Long for Paver Sealer to Dry?
The answer to this particular question depends solely on the climate condition. In sunny or hot weather, the coating will dry within hours of the application while in shady or cooler climates, it can take up to 24 hours for the paver sealer to dry.
How Long does the Whole process take?
The whole process takes about two days due to good weather and climate. For the first day, the pavers or concrete are being treated with a variety of chemicals and solutions. The next process is pressure cleaning which is being done judiciously. The next day, when the concrete or pavement is completely dry and cleaned, the coating is then applied. Professionals recommend that vehicles and heavy-duty machinery should not be driven over a coated paver for about 48-72 hours. People can walk on the pavement 2-4 hours after it has been coated too.
How Much Paver Sealer Do I Need?
When coating a paver, it is important to apply the paver sealer at least twice.
What temperature can I apply the sealer?
It is always best recommended that when coating your paver with a sealer, the default temperature should be above 10 degrees Celsius.
Why is the Paver turning white?
This phenomenon is a natural process which is known as efflorescence. This is the salt deposits found in all concrete. Efflorescence appears on top of the concrete leaving a powder-like look or something known as “white haze”. When this occurs, it means you have used a penetrating paver sealer on the pavers while it was damp. What you need to do is to strip the coating off the pavement to remove the white stuff. Stripping off the coating is a very hard process and should be done and handled only by a professional.


Thus, you should read the paver sealer reviews carefully before choosing the sealer for your surface. You should remember all the characteristics that a sealer needs to have and then choose accordingly.

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