EnduraSeal 100% Acrylic Solvent Based Concrete Sealer

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EnduraSeal 100% Acrylic Wet Look Semi-Gloss Concrete Sealer Solvent Base review

When working with concrete surfaces, most users tend to give their work something between no gloss and high gloss effect. For concepts like this, this solvent-based product can be a perfect choice since  it gives users a wet semi-gloss effect when it is being applied. 

The paver sealer can bring out the beauty of the concrete and it can also as well enhance the color of the surfaces which have been faded over time. Also, this sealer acts as a guard, protecting the elements which can damage the surface of the concrete.

Unlike low-quality sealers, this one does not turn yellow when it is being exposed to direct sunlight so you don’t need to worry about it. If users are applying it to new pavers, it will help keep the joints together. Solvent-based sealers can give off a long and lasting strong odor. Even though this sealer is solvent-based, it doesn’t give off much odor such as other solvent-based sealers do.

So, you can give your concrete paver a wet attractive look without being bothered about how the smell will choke you. Applying this sealer is very simple. It can go as far as sealing 300 Square feet and this depends entirely on the weather and the surface material.

Professionals recommend when using this sealer, use two thin coats in order to get the best outcome.

You can’t compare this sealer with an epoxy or urethane sealer because the EnduraSeal will beat it in any aspect.

Product Features:

Wet Look

EduraSeal Pure Acrylic sealer is manufactured to give users the wet look which they always wanted.  Most users said it produced a wet look that worked better than their former sealer and it was even very much easy to apply. 

Although this sealer gives a wet look, it can also become slippery. We noticed that once you put this up in your garage you might not experience any streak but it will be very slippery when wet.

White Haze Yellowing

The company EnduraCoat made this product not to be breathable meaning it is not as tolerant as a styrene-acrylic sealer when it comes to the effects of UV rays. This sealer fades away but slowly.  Most users complained that this product was discolored in less than 2 years as expected.  This means you need to reapply this product at least once every year.

Gloss Level

The EnduraSeal 100% Acrylic sealer does not give off a full semi-gloss feature. Many users said that when they used it, they didn’t receive the full gloss feature but what they got was a matte shine finish.

As we said above, avoid using this sealer near the pool, it may be too slippery for anyone standing around when it is wet.

Application and drying

Applying EnduraSeal Acrylic Solvent Based Concrete Sealer is very easy. If you follow the right step, you can get a promising result. Users suggest that depending on the weather as well as temperature, you can apply this product and let it dry for at most 24 hours. You can then reapply the second coat and then wait for 24 hours again before you can have any foot traffic. Some professionals even recommended that you should apply this EnduraSeal product in temperatures within 62-82 degrees Fahrenheit and it might be possible to even walk on it after 6 hours. So depending on conditions, this sealer dries very fast.


The durability of this product is very much questionable. The company claimed that this product would last as much as two years but some users did complain that it faded just after 6 months which is too short. We believe that with the right temperature and the right mode of application such as using a pressure sprayer, this product can be applied to stay not as much as 2 years but it can be recoated at least within a year.

Product Specifications:

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Square feet per gallon: 150 – 300
Based on: Solvent
Finish: Semi Gloss
Wet look: Yes

  • It has a nice but low semi-gloss effect.
  • It hardly makes your patio surface yellow.
  • It can enhance colors.
  • It gives your patio back its own colors.
  • It comes in a very low odor.
  • It can cover a large area of time.
  • It dries longer than most sealers.
  • It gives off a cloudy feeling on surfaces.


When you look at the retail price of EnduraSeal Concrete Sealer, it is a low or semi-gloss solvent-based sealer for your patios, pavers, and concrete driveways.

 This particular product doesn’t choke its user with a strong chemical smell  and if you want to briefly and beautifully beautify your place, this product will be a great voice for you.

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